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Modern Mobility in Motion: BERNMOBIL's New Tramlinks Transforming Bern's Public Transport

Modern Mobility in Motion: BERNMOBIL's New Tramlinks Transforming Bern's Public Transport
photo: BERNMOBIL/Modern Mobility in Motion: BERNMOBIL's New Tramlinks Transforming Bern's Public Transport
30 / 10 / 2023

Starting November 1st, BERNMOBIL will deploy the first of 27 Tramlinks for regular service. These new vehicles from Stadler Rail will replace the Vevey Be 4/8 trams and the Bern-Solothurn regional transport (RBS) vehicles on line 6.

BERNMOBIL is taking a significant step forward by introducing the 20 bi-directional and seven one-way vehicles from Stadler Rail, catering to the ever-growing mobility demands of Bern's city and surrounding regions. These vehicles are slated to replace the 12 Vevey and 9 RBS trams on line 6 by 2025, which have neared the end of their operational lifespan. Additionally, they will address the vehicle needs for extending line 9 to Kleinwabern. This initiative aligns with the canton's mobility strategy, aiming to transition more traffic to public transport. With its large capacity and eco-friendly features, the Tramlink is an ideal transport solution for the city.

Operational Plans By the end of this year, BERNMOBIL plans to roll out eight Tramlinks, initially replacing the first Vevey 4/8 vehicles. For now, they will predominantly serve line 7. The transition to the bi-directional vehicles on line 6, which also means the phasing out of the BE 4/10, is set for mid-2024.


Tramlink: Navigating Bern with Eco-Efficiency and Modernity Each Tramlink spans 42.5 meters, boasting 56 seats in two-way vehicles and 71 in one-way vehicles. The interiors are designed with a full low-floor feature for optimal passenger movement. Ample space is provided in multifunctional zones for wheelchairs, strollers, and luggage. Additionally, each door (7 for one-way trams and 6 on each side of bi-directional trams) is equipped with a sliding step to ensure seamless and barrier-free boarding and alighting. Recognized as one of the safest and most energy-efficient trams in current production, the Tramlink offers a smooth ride due to its innovative chassis design. With features like low energy consumption, eco-friendly air conditioning, and a collision-avoidance brake system, it stands out. "Having sold over 300 TRAMLINKs across 15 cities, our trams set the benchmark in terms of performance, reliability, safety, accessibility, comfort, and cutting-edge technology," stated Christian König, Deputy Head of Marketing and Sales at Stadler, during a media event. Comprehensive technical details about this new tram are available in the accompanying flyer or at

Elevating Training with Driving Simulators The incorporation of a driving simulator from LANDER Simulation & Training Solutions signifies a leap in BERNMOBIL's tram training methodology. Furnished with a Tramlink control panel, this simulator allows tram drivers to practice even the rarest scenarios on a digitally visualized BERNMOBIL route network.