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LTG Link Outperforms European Giants with Impressive Punctuality Record in Lithuania

LTG Link Outperforms European Giants with Impressive Punctuality Record in Lithuania
photo: LTG Group / Public domain/LTG Link
24 / 01 / 2024

According to LTG Link, the passenger transport company of the LTG Group, around 95% of trains arrived on time at the terminus last year. This is higher than the average rate estimated annually by the International Union of Railways (UIC), which in 2022 was around 93%.

LTG Link operates more than 170 daily train journeys in Lithuania, totaling almost 62,000 passenger journeys in 2023. Last year, around 95% of trains arrived on time at the terminus. In 2022, when strategic infrastructure works that significantly affect train punctuality were not being carried out, around 97% of trains arrived at the terminus, and in 2021, around 93% of trains arrived. In comparison, Germany, one of Europe's largest railway companies, had a punctuality rate of around 92% in the first half of last year and around 91% in 2022. In Switzerland, the punctuality rate for trains was 92.5%. The latest punctuality statistics for 2023 in Belgium show that only 87.5% of trains arrived at the terminus on time.

To summarize the 2023 punctuality figures, the vast majority of delays in Lithuania (around 57%) were caused by infrastructure works or speed restrictions.

"Every train delay is sensitive, not only for passengers but also for us. We are trying to avoid train delays by improving all our processes, but there are objective reasons, both internal and external, that we have to take into account and adjust train times. And while in the overall national statistics, we see that Lithuania is more punctual than other European countries, we hope to improve even further in the coming years. We particularly value our customers' experience when traveling, with over 26,000 customer reviews in 2023. The overall rating for travel time is 9 out of 10, and the convenience of the timetable is also rated as a 9," says Gediminas Šečkus, Interim CEO of LTG Link.

According to preliminary data, LTG Link carried around 5 million passengers last year - 6.4% more than in 2022 when it carried 4.7 million passengers. Šečkus says that punctuality will improve even further when brand-new electric trains will be able to take passengers along the most important rail artery in a few years. It is estimated that the fuel consumption of rail operators on the network will be reduced by around a third and that around 150,000 tonnes of pollutants will be avoided per year.

LTG Link has signed an agreement with Stadler Polska, a train manufacturing company in Poland, to purchase new electric and battery-powered trains. The first passengers will be able to board the new trains in 2026.


Source: LTG Link Press Release