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Koleje Mazowieckie Orders 50 FLIRT Trains from Stadler in EUR 750 Million Deal

Koleje Mazowieckie Orders 50 FLIRT Trains from Stadler in EUR 750 Million Deal
photo: Stadler / Public domain/Stadler Flirt for Koleje Mazowieckie
27 / 06 / 2024

Polish regional rail operator Koleje Mazowieckie has announced an order for up to 50 state-of-the-art FLIRT electric multiple-unit trains from Stadler.

The contract, valued at approximately EUR 750 million and co-financed with EU funds, also includes the maintenance of the fleet. The first two executive contracts under this agreement were signed yesterday in Warsaw, marking the beginning of the project to build the first 25 new FLIRT trains for the Masovia region. These new trains are expected to enhance comfort and safety on routes from Warsaw to various Masovian cities and towns.

Source: Stadler / Public domain

“This investment is a major step forward for our region,” said Wiesław Raboszuk, Vice Marshal of the Masovian Voivodeship. “We are gradually replacing and modernizing the fleet to ensure that our residents can travel quickly and comfortably. Today we are signing the contract for another large order of FLIRT vehicles. The first trains are to be delivered in two years.”

The cooperation between Koleje Mazowieckie and Stadler began in 2006, leading to the establishment of a production plant in Siedlce. The ongoing partnership has already resulted in the delivery of 61 FLIRT trains between 2020 and 2023.

The new FLIRT trains, which will be built at Stadler’s Siedlce plant, feature a lightweight aluminum structure, ETCS Level 2 equipment, and compliance with TSI standards and crash safety standards. They are designed for low energy consumption and easy operation, with spacious entrance areas, efficient air-conditioning, and modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and visual and audio information systems.

“Koleje Mazowieckie is an important client and partner for us,” said Philipp Brunner, Member of the Executive Board and Executive Vice President of the Division Central Europe at Stadler. “I’m pleased that through the supply of our modern FLIRT vehicles, we can contribute to improving the comfort of rail travel in the region. I am sure that passengers on Masovian routes will warmly welcome the new FLIRT units.”

Source: Stadler, Koleje Mazowieckie