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In 2022, DB Employees Once Again Prove That They Are Railroaders with a Heart: Meet This Year's Winners!

In 2022, DB Employees Once Again Prove That They Are Railroaders with a Heart: Meet This Year's Winners!
photo: Enric Duch / Pro-Rail Alliance/Julia Schelhorn and Janina Küfner, silver winners of "Railroaders with a Heart" contest
06 / 05 / 2022

Pro-Rail Alliance has been organizing the Railroaders with a Heart contest for more than a decade to tell us heartwarming stories and reward those who deserve recognition for their humanity. For this, the organization collects stories from passengers who have something to share with us about railroad employees and their experiences with them. This year, DB staff representatives, in particular, made their mark by winning prizes. What stories have this year's winners prepared for us?

We're talking about the gold winner from DB Regio, the silver duo of the train manager and conductor from DB Fernverkehr, and the trio of customer service employees from DB Station & Service, who won the audience award.

  • Gold winner Kujtim Haziri, DB Regio conductor

A young female passenger collapsed at the central station in Wittlich. Haziri reacted promptly and resuscitated the girl. His action deservedly did not go unnoticed, for which Haziri received the main award of this year's Pro-Rail Alliance competition.

"The actions of Kujtim Haziri fill us, railroad workers, with pride. He rushed to help when it was urgently needed and saved the life of a passenger through his courageous intervention. In doing so, Mr. Haziri proved that our employees' sense of responsibility goes far beyond the job itself and that people always come first. We are delighted with Mr. Haziri and all the other honorees," said DB AG Chairman Dr. Richard Lutz.

  • Silver winners - Janina Küfner, train manager, and Julia Schelhorn, conductor at DB Fernverkehr

The employees were awarded second place thanks to their help to a student from Budapest. Küfner and Schelhorn organized a trip home from Nuremberg for her.

  • Adrian Lindlar, Atcha Boukari, and Stefan Salentin of DB Station & Service won the audience award

According to online voting, the public favorites were the organizers of the evening flight for the dozen passengers who were late from Cologne to Frankfurt.

"We are very touched by the unparalleled commitment of our colleagues who received awards today. We cannot imagine better ambassadors for DB. They have especially demonstrated heart and humanity in the service of our passengers and kept a cool head in challenging situations. Let me be clear: You are a role model for all of us! Congratulations to all the winners," comments Martin Seiler, Member of the Management Board for Human Resources and Legal Affairs at DB AG.