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High speed rail network in Slovenia

High speed rail network in Slovenia
photo: Railway
29 / 05 / 2021

Concept developmentThe construction project of a high-speed rail line from northern Italy to Ljubljana was initiated as a part of the Trans-European Networks (TEN) as Priority Axis 6 and Pan-European corridor V. In EU Regulation 1315/2013, the line via Slovenia has been indicated as part of the TEN-T comprehensive network (high-speed) from Venice to the border with Croatia. Further extension of this line could include from Slovene - Croatian state border via Zagreb to Croatian – Hungarian border and to Budapest. Comprehensive implementation of the planned sections and their continuation in Croatia through Zagreb will enable the construction of a high-speed corridor from Venice to Budapest.

Status of preparatory work 

According to the feasibility study done in 2013, this line is economically not feasible  This is the reason that the line is not included in the development transport strategy for Slovenia until 2030. This line is not currently planned for construction.

Parameters and location of the lines

The main technical parameters of high-speed lines planned in Slovenia are shown in Table I and in Figure.