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GREAT NEWS: PKP Intercity informs that Interrail tickets are now available on e-IC!

GREAT NEWS: PKP Intercity informs that Interrail tickets are now available on e-IC!
photo: PKP Intercity/GREAT NEWS: PKP Intercity informs that Interrail tickets are now available on e-IC!
21 / 09 / 2022

Since September 15 this year, travelers can purchase Interrail tickets on the PKP Intercity website. Until now, such tickets were only available at ticket offices. It is another step in making travel easier - from now on Interrail tickets are at the customers' fingertips. All one needs is a smartphone and Internet access.

Tickets purchased through the website are in mobile form - this means that after purchase, travelers receive a six-character code. To use the ticket in this form, one must download the free Rail Planner App (available for iOS or Android smartphones) and enter the code there, which allows one to manage the trip. The Rail Planner App allows one to preview schedules, and if a compulsory seat reservation is required for a selected connection - the app will inform travelers and indicate where it can be purchased. The release of the app was positively received by rail travelers - in 2021 "paper-free" tickets were chosen by as many as 96% of passengers. As a result, e-ticket holders not only travel low-carbon but also contribute to less paper consumption.

Significantly, an Interrail ticket can be purchased 11 months in advance of the trip - no need to indicate the start day of the trip during the purchase. There are discounts for people under 27 and seniors, and children up to and including age 11 can travel for free.

As part of the ticket, one can choose the One Country Pass option, which allows one to travel within a selected European country. The second option is the Global Pass. Thanks to it, one can flexibly travel around the Old Continent with a single ticket.

"Interrail tickets are a great initiative - they allow you to travel ecologically, comfortably, and economically. They certainly contribute to the popularization of rail travel and strengthen this positive trend. Interrail tickets in the e-IC system is another service made available via the Internet, which was previously only available at ticket offices. We are constantly working on the implementation of facilitations for our customers and increasing the potential of remote sales, which is currently preferred by most people," stresses Tomasz Gontarz, Member of the Board of PKP Intercity.

The full offer and terms and conditions are available here.

Green travel in Europe

The introduction of Interrail tickets is a rail revolution - more than 10 million travelers have used them since 1972. Buying a ticket opens up the possibility of traveling across 33 European countries - and thanks to the rail network, 40,000 destinations await travelers - from large metropolises to smaller towns and villages. With Interrail, it is possible to travel on trains of various carriers - local, national, and even cross-border. Interrail tickets are honored by more than 40 carriers, including PKP Intercity.

Rail travel with Interrail is not only economical and ecological. The purpose of creating the ticket was to promote and enable flexible travel, sightseeing, and creating new friendships and a European community.

Rail is the most environmentally friendly means of public transportation - choosing trains instead of cars, planes, or buses can contribute to lower CO2 emissions daily. Rail transportation is perfectly in line with the European Green Deal, which assumes, among other things, that rail travel under 500 kilometers will be climate-neutral by 2030.


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases


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