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GREAT NEWS: More than 50 million PKP Intercity passengers in 2022

GREAT NEWS: More than 50 million PKP Intercity passengers in 2022
photo: PKP Intercity/More than 50 million PKP Intercity passengers in 2022
21 / 11 / 2022

PKP Intercity has already transported more than 50 million passengers in 2022. It means that a month and a half before the end of the year, the record set in the best year to date 2019 has been beaten. Back then, nearly 49 million travellers travelled on the carrier's trains. PKP Intercity is giving another incentive to set off on train journeys in November by putting an additional 200,000 tickets on sale at promotional prices.

October was another month when travel with PKP Intercity was very popular – 5.2 million people travelled on the carrier's trains. October's popularity of train travel was higher than in September (over 4.8 million), largely due to a pool of one million tickets at promotional prices introduced at the beginning of the month. From the beginning of the year to the end of October, 48.8 million passengers travelled on PKP Intercity trains. It is nearly 19.9 million more than in the same period last year (a 68% increase), as well as 7.9 million more (a 19% increase) than after the first ten months of a record-breaking 2019 so far.

Travel with PKP Intercity was also very popular during the recent long weekend – from Thursday 10, November to Sunday 13, November, nearly 790,000 people, or almost 200,000 passengers per day, travelled on the carrier's trains. The long weekend accompanying the National Independence Day was also exceptional in yet another respect - during it, PKP Intercity transported the fifty millionth passenger this year! Thus, already in November, PKP Intercity achieved the best result in its over twenty-year history in terms of the number of passengers transported during the year.

"PKP Intercity's transport results prove that rail is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. Trains are the transport of the future - it is worth making friends with them today. We are also pleased that the investment strategy we are pursuing and the attractive ticket offers we have introduced are reflected in high attendance. The historic surpassing of the 50 million passengers mark is a source of pride for us, an expression of great confidence on the part of travellers and, at the same time, a great incentive for further hard work," says Marek Chraniuk, CEO of PKP Intercity.

More promotional tickets from PKP Intercity!

To encourage more people to travel by train in autumn, PKP Intercity is increasing the pool of promotional tickets as part of a campaign that has been in force since the beginning of October. One million tickets from the Promo offer went on sale then. Now, the carrier is adding 200,000 cheaper tickets.

"The great promotional action we launched at the beginning of the year, in which one million low-priced tickets went on sale, met with great interest from travellers. We have already sold approx. 930,000 tickets have already been sold. There are still several days of November to go, so we are adding 200,000 tickets to the promotional pool to encourage more travellers to set off on their journey and discover the advantages of travelling by train," convinces Tomasz Gontarz, Member of the Board of PKP Intercity.

The sale of a total of 1.2 million promotional tickets under Super Promo and Promo Plus is limited in time and will last until the end of November. To facilitate the search for the cheapest tickets, PKP Intercity is providing a Promo Hunters tab on its website, where you can find the best offers that will allow, for example, a quick and economical trip to another city.

Prices for travel on popular routes, e.g. between Warsaw and Krakow, the Tricity, Katowice and Poznań, start from as little as 19 PLN. Also, tickets purchased under the Promo Plus threshold provide much cheaper journeys, in this case, for 28 PLN. On the other hand, journeys from the capital to Łódź, Lublin or Białystok are possible for as little as 14 zł.


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases