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GREAT NEWS: ÖBB ensures stop for Railjet and IC in Vöcklabruck

GREAT NEWS: ÖBB ensures stop for Railjet and IC in Vöcklabruck
photo: Harald Eisenberger / ÖBB/GREAT NEWS: ÖBB ensures stop for RJ and IC in Vöcklabruck
25 / 09 / 2022

ÖBB Personenverkehr AG has announced that it will once again include a Railjet stop in Vöcklabruck for the 2023 timetable year, following approval from the regulatory authority Schienenen-Control Kommission. This decision will offer travelers the convenience of a fast and comfortable journey between Vöcklabruck and Vienna or Salzburg, with particular importance for commuters who can now continue to use the connections in Vöcklabruck without long waiting times.

ÖBB-Infrastruktur, the infrastructure division of ÖBB, is currently executing the largest expansion program in its history, investing €18.2 billion in the expansion and quality assurance of the rail network throughout Austria over the next few years. The expansion program aims to create the necessary conditions for better and faster connections for rail passengers, with the construction of additional tracks along the western route to accommodate more trains at shorter intervals in the future. However, construction work of this magnitude cannot always be carried out during ongoing rail operations or without disruptions, making it necessary to adjust travel times or stops in certain cases.

It is therefore crucial that stops in Vöcklabruck are maintained, as they provide an essential connection for many travelers. Furthermore, the section between Linz and Wels currently lacks four tracks throughout, creating a bottleneck that needs to be addressed urgently. The proposed expansion program aims to rectify such issues, making rail travel more efficient and accessible for all.

The expansion of the western line will benefit both commuters and long-distance travelers, with better connections and shorter journey times. Additionally, improvements in rail travel have the potential to reduce traffic congestion and harmful emissions from individual transportation, thus providing a more sustainable and eco-friendly transport solution for the future. With all stops in Vöcklabruck planned for the 2023 timetable year secured, the region can look forward to a better-connected and more efficient rail network, with more expansion plans in the pipeline to further improve the railway system throughout Austria.