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Germany Awards RegioJet with a Safety Certificate

Germany Awards RegioJet with a Safety Certificate
photo: Archive/Germany Awards RegioJet with a Safety Certificate
03 / 02 / 2023

Germany authorized Czech operator RegioJet to operate passenger trains on its rail network by granting a single safety certificate last month.

Considering Germany as a geographically and economically important market, RegioJet takes a crucial step in expanding by obtaining the safety certificate. However, this is not just about Germany, as the company intends to expand further west to operate more broadly across Central Europe.

"We have now received a certificate from the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), which will allow us to develop new lines not only with a destination station in Germany but also connections going through Germany to Western Europe within a few years," says Mr Jakub Svoboda, Executive Director of RegioJet Transport.

Being an open-access operator, RegioJet operates passenger and cargo services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In addition, RegioJet's operations in Austria will now extend beyond passenger transportation to freight. In addition, from May 2022, the company will introduce a weekly freight service to Hungary in partnership with the local company Continental Railway Solution (CRS).

RegioJet has ambitious plans to expand its fleet of Alstom Traxx MS3 electric locomotives, which require operating permits in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Austria.