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EXCITING TO SEE: New station in Rogów is now open for travelers!

EXCITING TO SEE: New station in Rogów is now open for travelers!
photo: PKP Polskie Koleje Państwowe/EXCITING TO SEE: New station in Rogów is now open for travelers!
07 / 08 / 2022

The new Rogów station is a project that took nearly two years to complete and was constructed using the "Design and Build" method under the Innovative System Station formula as part of the 2016-2023 Station Investment Program, with funding from the European Union's Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment. It opened for service on August 4, 2021, and was designed to offer modern, comfortable, and environmentally friendly travel services.

The investment in Rogów resulted in a typical modular IDS construction, and several modern and comfort-enhancing solutions for travellers were implemented to replace the existing station building, which was demolished at the beginning of the investment. The new station in Rogów has a modern, minimalist, and functional architectural form, with two parts that include the travellers' service area, a lobby that also serves as a waiting room. The waiting room is fully air-conditioned and features benches, display cases, electronic boards for train arrivals and departures, a voice information system, and a clock. Adjacent to it are toilets, while the other part houses a rental unit. Bicycle racks have also been located under the canopy, along with a single-track repair station. The architectural dominant in the body of the new station is an 8-meter clock tower, while the façade is covered with colorful HPL panels that look like wooden planks, reflecting the Rogów Arboretum's dendrological park with unique species of trees and shrubs on a European scale.

The new station was designed with all passengers in mind, including those with disabilities, with features such as guided paths for the blind and visually impaired, signage in Braille, a contrasting color scheme for the station's interiors, and tactile boards with the facility plan. Several environmentally friendly solutions have also been implemented at the station, including the use of photovoltaic panels on its roof to obtain "green energy," energy-efficient lighting with control automation, and a Building Management System (BMS) that monitors the work of installations and equipment to optimize utility consumption. To improve security in the station building, modern security systems were installed, including monitoring, access control, burglary and assault signaling, as well as fire alarms. Parking spaces for people with disabilities and families with children have been marked out near the station, and greenery has also been put in order.

The construction of the new station in Rogów is part of the Station Investment Program for 2016-2023. The investment cost approximately PLN 4.4 million net (about PLN 5.4 million gross), and the investor is Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. The contractor is a consortium of Heli-Factor Sp. z o.o. and Merx Sp. z o.o. The new station is expected to significantly enhance passenger comfort and safety, and transport accessibility, especially in places where efficient transportation determines good work and the development of local communities.