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EXCITING: PKP Introduces a New Application for Travellers

EXCITING: PKP Introduces a New Application for Travellers
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Introduces a New Application for Travellers
05 / 01 / 2023

Passengers can now use new mobile apps from PKP S.A. and PKP Intercity, making it easier to plan a journey and travel by rail in Poland. They are available for download on Google Play and App Store.

PKP.appka is a new application created by Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. for all rail passengers in Poland. The new tool is a travel assistant that combines various functions. PKP.appka is the first guide to railway stations helping you to check their location and information on services and infrastructure available at them, such as waiting rooms, ticket offices, toilets, luggage storage facilities, bicycle racks or facilities for people with reduced mobility.

The app also makes it easy to check information on retail and service outlets: shops, cafés, snack bars, florists, newsagents and many more. Travellers will also find tips, e.g., on the temporary organisation of pedestrian traffic at the station or the operation of the temporary station during ongoing renovations.

A vital function of the new app is the SOS button enabling a quick connection with the PKP S.A. security services working around the clock. In the, it is also possible to check real-time updated train departures and arrivals at a given station, search for a connection and buy a ticket.

Currently, PKP.appka is integrated with the BILKOM application, while ultimately, the PKP Intercity application will be the sales module. PKP S.A. also plans to further expand the app functionality with the possibility of reporting faults, adding more language versions and practical information for passengers, including navigation for selected premium stations.

"The growing number of rail passengers proves that Poles have put their trust in this mode of transport once again. However, it is also an impulse for us to introduce new solutions which make rail travel safer, more comfortable, more pleasant and their planning more intuitive. In the PKP Group, we see the offer very broadly. In addition to billion-dollar investments, such as the construction and modernisation of railway stations, purchases of new rolling stock, modern tools facilitating travel planning and ticket purchase are also crucial. I am convinced that this is what the new mobile applications will be," says Krzysztof Mamiński, President of the Management Board of PKP S.A. and PKP Group.

The creation of the was possible thanks to the cooperation of PKP Group companies. It is also one of the strategic projects of the IT Policy Council of the PKP Group and PKP PLK operating since 2021.

New PKP Intercity app

Also new for passengers using long-distance trains is an application called PKP Intercity, which replaces the previous one, IC Mobile Navigator.

It offers several convenient and time-saving solutions for travellers. These include the There and Back ticket function in a single transaction, and connections can be found quickly and easily thanks to a wide selection of filters in the search engine. Travellers can also purchase connecting tickets and tickets for bicycles, additional luggage or a four-legged companion in a single transaction. It is easy to find the cheapest and fastest connection for a particular route. Those who travel frequently will find the shopping profile function useful, thanks to which it is possible to define some of the fixed parameters of a journey. The app has also not lacked a graphical seat reservation function, which allows you to select a specific seat from the train diagram. This function currently applies to electric and diesel multiple units. The app is additionally available in English, German and Ukrainian.

Travellers will eventually be able to pay for their tickets using modern payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or BLIK. The app is linked to the user's e-IC account, which offers the convenience of use on different devices and offline ticketing, and it will also be possible to log in using a fingerprint or FaceID.

The purchase of a ticket will conclude with a prompt about the transaction's success, where travellers will also find information about the weather forecast on the day of travel. The app also includes a name change function so that in the case of a typo in the data, a quick correction can be made without having to return the ticket. 

Thanks to the mWARs module, on trains with a dining car, travellers will be able to order a meal without getting up from their seats. The chosen food or drink will be delivered to the passenger's seat by the staff. In addition, on the app, each traveller will find information about the carbon footprint that the journey will generate compared to other modes of transport.

"Our strategy is to improve the passenger experience at every stage of the journey, one of which is the purchase of the ticket, which is steadily becoming easier and easier. That is why the app's design has already considered the convenience of use and the possibility of flexible extension with additional services. The existing IC Mobile Navigator application had to be cancelled. Its successor, the PKP Intercity app, allows you to plan your journey and purchase a ticket more quickly. We encourage you to use the new applications because, with them, train travel becomes even easier," convinces Tomasz Gontarz, a member of the PKP Intercity board.

Updates will be systematically introduced, and the functionality of the application will be extended with them. In future versions, facilities, such as the sale of international tickets, the option to share a ticket with another person or the possibility to add a ticket to the calendar, will be added. In the future, the app will show the train's location on a map and information on delays and enable the use of a loyalty programme, the purchase of a ticket with more than one change in one transaction and participation in an environmental offset. Among the new features will also be the ability to contact the train crew via the app to report inappropriate temperatures on the train and faults or problematic behaviour of fellow passengers.

Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases


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