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EXCITING: PKP Intercity Hits Record 62 Million Passengers as 2023 Nears Close

EXCITING: PKP Intercity Hits Record 62 Million Passengers as 2023 Nears Close
photo: PKP Intercity / Public domain/PKP Intercity
04 / 12 / 2023

PKP Intercity has achieved a historic milestone in 2023, transporting over 62 million passengers by November, a number expected to climb to 67 million by year-end. This marks the first time in its history that PKP Intercity has surpassed the 60-million passenger mark, setting a new benchmark for the Polish carrier's service popularity.

In November alone, the carrier witnessed an impressive 5.4 million riders, showcasing a year-on-year increase of over a million passengers compared to the same month in 2022. This surge in ridership indicates a growing public preference for PKP Intercity's services, a trend that the company anticipates will continue in the coming years.

This year's success story for PKP Intercity results from strategic investments in rolling stock and a series of customer-centric initiatives. Tomasz Gontarz, Vice-President of PKP Intercity's Management Board, credits the carrier's forward-looking strategy for the record-breaking transport figures. PKP Intercity's approach has focused on modernizing its fleet and introducing innovations that enhance the passenger experience. Key to this success has been making ticket purchases more accessible and user-friendly. The carrier expanded its sales network through popular railway ticket websites, recording 6.5 million ticket sales through these platforms. Promotional campaigns like 'Cheaper with Close Ones' have also resonated well, attracting over 14.5 million passengers.

PKP Intercity / Public domain

To streamline the ticket-buying process, PKP Intercity has effectively leveraged technology. The development and implementation of its e-IC 2.0 application, despite being in beta, offer travellers enhanced functionalities like round-trip planning and personalized shopping profiles. The application sold 2.3 million tickets and reflects the carrier's commitment to digital innovation. e-IC 2.0's user-friendly features such as age-specific discount suggestions and ticket integration into personal calendars have made it a favorable choice for passengers. The carrier's focus on digitalization and customer-oriented services positions PKP Intercity as a leader in the railway sector, ready to meet the growing demands of modern travellers.