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EXCITING: PKP Intercity announces more trains over the long weekend! What does it mean for the passengers?

EXCITING: PKP Intercity announces more trains over the long weekend! What does it mean for the passengers?
photo: PKP Intercity/EXCITING: PKP Intercity announces more trains over the long weekend! What does it mean for the passengers?
12 / 08 / 2022

Rail travel is enjoying record interest this summer. The August long weekend is fast approaching, during which the carrier will launch additional trains and extend the routes of selected trainsets that will serve the most popular holiday routes. In addition, very popular trains will be reinforced with extra carriages where possible. At the moment, PKP Intercity has already planned the lengthening of almost 100 trainsets.

The largest number of additional trains and trainsets with extended routes will be launched on Monday, August 15. The return from the long weekend in Tricity will be ensured by additional trains EIP 5146/7 and EIC 5140, departing from Gdynia Główna to Warsaw in the evening hours of Monday, August 15. The citizens of Wrocław, who decide to spend the long weekend in Tricity, will be able to use on their return the additional TLK 56160/1 Lednica BIS train, which will set off to Wrocław on Monday afternoon.

The morning commute from Łódź and Warsaw to the Tricity will be provided by the additional train IC 1563/2 Lazur BIS, starting from Łódź a few minutes after 5 a.m. It is also an additional option for the inhabitants of the northern part of Poland, who will spend the extended weekend in the central part of the country.

Varsovians spending this time in Warmia will be able to use an additional train, IC 51162 Mazury BIS, departing from Olsztyn after 7 p.m. Residents of Olsztyn and the surrounding area, who will be resting in Mazovia, will be able to enjoy a late return on an additional train, IC 15167 Mazury BIS, departing from the capital after 11 p.m.

On Monday, passengers travelling on the route Warsaw - Terespol - Warsaw will be able to use an additional pair of trains. TLK 11160/1 Skaryna BIS will set off from Warsaw to Terespol after midnight, and TLK 11162/3 Skaryna BIS will set off on the return journey just before 5 o'clock.

Travellers returning from Krakow to the capital on Monday evening will have the opportunity to use an additional EIP 3160/1 train. An economical option on this route will be the TLK Malinowski BIS train, leaving Krakow after 6 p.m. Residents of Wrocław and the surrounding area returning from Krakow, in addition to regular trains, will be taken by the TLK Wyspiański BIS train, departing a short while before 6 p.m. The trains will pass through Częstochowa, enabling them to serve the increased pilgrim traffic.

Two trains will travel in an extended relation, ensuring the arrival and return from the Baltic Sea:

  • TLK Lubomirski - which runs between Krakow and Gdynia daily, will take travellers as far as Kołobrzeg on August 14, and on August 15, will enable them to return in the same extended relation;
  • TLK Zosia - running between Łódź and Warsaw, will take passengers to Tricity on August 15 in the morning and on its return journey, will depart from Gdynia shortly after midnight.

Additional seats on trains

In addition to additional trains and extended routes, the carrier will be reinforcing trains. Earlier information on greater interest in the connections in question allows the trainsets to be better adapted to increasing attendance, which is why the carrier encourages people to purchase tickets in advance. Currently, 96 trains are planned to be reinforced with 126 carriages. In addition, rolling stock reserves are being secured at stopping stations, and PKP Intercity is monitoring and analysing ticket sales. More trains will be reinforced with additional carriages as needed and possible.


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases


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