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EXCITING NEWS: PKP Intercity introduces Quiet Zones on more trains!

EXCITING NEWS: PKP Intercity introduces Quiet Zones on more trains!
photo: PKP Intercity/EXCITING NEWS: PKP Intercity introduces Quiet Zones on more trains!
09 / 08 / 2022

The Zones of Silence known from Pendolino trains will appear on further electric multiple units as part of a pilot project. From 4 September this year, passengers of the popular PesaDARTs and Flirts, which run in the InterCity category, will be able to use them. A pre-sale of seat tickets in the Zones of Silence has already started.

PKP Intercity has introduced the Zones of Silence as the first carrier in Poland. The service debuted on board Pendolino-operated EIP (Express InterCity Premium) category trainsets in April 2016. Since its inception, it has enjoyed unflagging interest, with nearly 3 million passengers using it today.

The Quiet Zone is a dedicated area on the train for travelers who need quietness and respect and those who want to travel in peace. Amongst other things, talking on the phone, listening to music loudly, or using ringtones and beeps on electronic devices are unwanted here.

The piloting of the new service on the carrier's next electric multiple units (EMUs) will begin on 4 September this year. Pre-sale tickets are available from 5 August this year. Both on Flirt (ED160) and PesaDART (ED161) trains, the Quiet Zone will be located in the 8th segment. In ED160, there will be 20 seats, and in ED161 - 32. The space will be marked with special stickers, and the rules will be reminded by symbols placed next to the seats and slides on screens. Importantly, the service is free of charge - the ticket price for travel in the Quiet Zone is the same as such of a 2nd class ticket.

Flirt and PesaDART trains run in the InterCity (IC) category, among others on the routes Kraków - Warsaw - Olsztyn, Bielsko-Biała - Łódź - Gdynia, Warsaw - Bydgoszcz, Wrocław - Lublin, Bydgoszcz - Rzeszów, Łódź - Warsaw.

The Zones of Silence has been working well on Pendolino trains for several years. Therefore, we have decided to meet the needs of people who value rest, work or study in silence and pilot the solution for them on further trains. "We are convinced that travelers will appreciate this convenience," says Tomasz Gontarz, Member of the Board of PKP Intercity.

The introduction of Quiet Zones on PesaDARTs and Flirts is a response to initiatives raised by a form for railway enthusiasts launched a few months ago. It was created for people who have basic knowledge about railways and want to share their ideas or observations on the functioning of PKP Intercity. Based on submissions, it is possible to implement new solutions or modify existing ones. All this is done to constantly improve passenger satisfaction with travel. The form is available at


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases