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EXCITING: ÖBB's New Nightjet Set to Transform Night Travel in Europe

EXCITING: ÖBB's New Nightjet Set to Transform Night Travel in Europe
photo: Knopp / ÖBB/Nightjet
15 / 11 / 2023

Austria's ÖBB has debuted its new generation Nightjet trains, setting the stage for a transformed travel experience across Europe. With the first rollout scheduled for December on the Vienna-Hamburg and Innsbruck-Hamburg lines, the Nightjets are poised to redefine overnight travel.

The next year will see an extension to the Vienna-Bregenz route, aligning with ÖBB's vision of a wholly modernized fleet by 2030. During an eventful inauguration in Carinthia, local officials and guests, including State Councilor Beate Prettner, lauded the Nightjet for ushering in an innovative era for Carinthian rail, linking the region with the rest of Europe through modern, comfortable, and eco-friendly travel options.

The Nightjet's reveal showcases ÖBB's substantial investment—EUR 700 million dedicated to developing 33 cutting-edge trains. With a design that combines comfort with eco-consciousness, these trains are expected to double passenger numbers by the end of the decade. The Nightjet's design also offers tangible benefits for areas like Styria, presenting a greener alternative to air travel. Passengers will find tailored comfort, from Wi-Fi and quiet zones for the solo business traveler to family compartments.

With the Nightjet, ÖBB introduces a variety of travel classes to suit every need and budget, from practical seated cars to private sleeping cabins. The new Mini Cabins are a novel feature for solo travelers, while family and group-friendly couchettes offer space and privacy. Comfortable, sustainable, and accessible, one could say that the Nightjet is set to become the preferred choice for night travel in Europe.