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EXCITING: Another record-breaking long weekend with PKP Intercity!

EXCITING: Another record-breaking long weekend with PKP Intercity!
photo: PKP Intercity/EXCITING: Another record-breaking long weekend with PKP Intercity!
20 / 08 / 2022

During the August long weekend, journeys with PKP Intercity enjoyed record-breaking interest. From Friday to Monday, nearly one million people travelled on the carrier's trains. During the weekend, the number of 250,000 people transported on a single day was exceeded for the first time in history.

In previous years, the long weekend falling in mid-August was associated with high attendance on trains. This year was no different:

  • From Friday 12 to Monday 15 August, PKP Intercity trains carried 960,000 passengers. On those days, an average of 240,000 people per day travelled on the carrier's trains.
  • The record day was Friday 12 August - on that day, as many as 251 thousand people took a journey with PKP Intercity. The previous daily record was set on 19 June this year, when 247 thousand travellers boarded PKP Intercity trains.

To provide as many extra seats as possible, 216 trains were reinforced with 377 carriages. Monitoring attendance on an ongoing basis allowed additional carriages to be added where possible.

During the long weekend, additional trains went on the tracks, and two pairs went on an extended route, providing more commuting options for the residents of Warsaw, Tricity, Wrocław, Kraków, Łódź and Olsztyn, among others. The largest number of additional trains and trains with extended routes were launched on Monday, 15 August.

Another long weekend and another transport record - we are happy that Poles are eager to go on holiday trips, taking advantage of every available opportunity. We are even more pleased that they are travelling ecologically - choosing trains instead of cars and entrusting the journey to PKP Intercity," says Marek Chraniuk, CEO of PKP Intercity.

The record-breaking daily number of passengers, beaten once again during the long holiday weekend, is a continuation of the upward trend in attendance on the national carrier's trains. July this year proved, after June and May, to be another month of record interest in PKP Intercity's services - nearly 6.5 million passengers, which is 34% more than in July 2019 (4.8 million passengers). From January to July this year, more than 32 million people have already taken PKP Intercity trains. It is over 15 million more (90%) than at the same time last year - at that time, there were 16.8 million passengers after seven months. It is also a 16% better result than in the same period of record-breaking 2019 so far.

Attractive ticket prices, thanks to, among other things, the new Cheap with the Blind offer and the systematic replacement of the rolling stock with new or modernised rolling stock, contribute significantly to the growing attendance.

The daily decisions of Poles also impact the environment, as rail is the most environmentally friendly means of collective transport. Thanks to them, Poles are making a daily contribution to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases