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Dresden Central: A Weekend Pause for Progress

Dresden Central: A Weekend Pause for Progress
photo: Hullbr3ach / CC BY-SA 2.5 / Wikimedia commons/Dresden Railway Station
23 / 02 / 2024

This weekend, Dresden Central Station will undergo a temporary closure due to scheduled construction work, halting its operations from Saturday morning until Sunday.

DB InfraGO, the German railway infrastructure authority, is set to conduct essential maintenance on the overhead lines at Dresden Hbf station, rendering it completely inaccessible on Saturday. Consequently, a special closure timetable will apply to all daily EC trains navigating the Prague - Dresden - Berlin - Hamburg / Kiel / Flensburg / Leipzig routes during this period.

This disruption will also extend to the night services Prague - Leipzig - Zurich, and Graz - Vienna - Prague - Berlin. By Sunday morning, 25 February, long-distance train services between the Czech Republic and Germany are expected to resume across the full route, albeit with potential temporary adjustments to some schedules.

ČD / Public domain

On 24 February, EC Berliner / Hungaria trains originating from Prague and heading towards Berlin, Hamburg, Kiel, and Flensburg will terminate at Děčín hl.n. station. For onward travel from Dresden-Neustadt station to their ultimate German destinations, passengers will be directed to alternative IC trains or other regular Deutsche Bahn services. Note that the replacement bus service will not cover Děčín hl.n., Bad Schandau, and Dresden Hbf stations. The arrangement for transport in the reverse direction will follow a similar format.

During the station's downtime, EC 458 and EC 459 Canopus trains (Prague - Dresden - Leipzig and vice versa) will operate without interruption between Prague Main Station and Děčín Main Station, with bus services covering the Ústí nad Labem Main Station - Dresden-Neustadt segment. For the Dresden-Neustadt - Leipzig Hbf section, substitute trains IC 2508 and 2509 will be available. On the night of 23/24 February, direct carriages from Prague to Zurich will be restricted to the Leipzig Hbf - Zurich HB segment, and on the subsequent night (24/25 February), direct carriages from Zurich will terminate at Leipzig Hbf.

Nightjet trains 456 and 457 (Graz - Wien - Prague - Berlin and vice versa) will be replaced by buses between Děčín hl.n. and Dresden-Neustadt. For the Dresden-Neustadt - Berlin Hbf section and back, passengers will have access to replacement trains IC 2506 and 2507, which will consist solely of seating cars.