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Discounted Travel for Late Spring: PKP Intercity's Offer Extended

Discounted Travel for Late Spring: PKP Intercity's Offer Extended
photo: PKP Intercity/Discounted Travel for Late Spring: PKP Intercity's Offer Extended
23 / 05 / 2023

PKP Intercity is extending a generous promotional offer until the end of May, presenting an excellent opportunity for last-minute trips and spontaneous getaways.

This enticing deal provides 1.5 million tickets at bargain prices, starting at a mere 19 PLN for some of the most travelled routes. Customers can take advantage of this promotion until May 28th, using the dedicated "Promobiletot" tab on the PKP Intercity website to quickly navigate and find the best offers for their travel needs.

This promotional offer showcases tickets at various stages of the sale, including last-minute and even day-of-travel options. Ticket availability depends on the popularity of the connection, with the potential for significant savings by choosing off-peak train times. Tickets are divided into five categories according to promotion level: Super Promo, Promo Plus, Promo 45 (tickets 45% cheaper than the base price), Promo 30 (30% cheaper), and Promo 15 (15% cheaper). Inclusively, this offer extends to first-class travel, granting an affordable entry to a higher standard of journey.

Bolstering this promotional offer, PKP Intercity launched the "We care about good relations" campaign at the beginning of May. The campaign encourages travel by rail, emphasizing the importance of shared experiences and the memorable moments that arise during travel. In a time when PKP Intercity reported record-breaking numbers, carrying nearly 19 million passengers in the first four months of 2023, the company is steadfast in ensuring travel is not just about reaching a destination, but also about the journey itself. With a variety of purchasing options and easy-to-navigate platforms, PKP Intercity is paving the way for accessible, affordable, and enjoyable rail travel.