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Deutsche Telekom Amplifies Mobile Network Along DB Rail Lines

Deutsche Telekom Amplifies Mobile Network Along DB Rail Lines
photo: Deutsche Bahn/Deutsche Telekom Amplifies Mobile Network Along DB Rail Lines
02 / 06 / 2023

Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Telekom are celebrating two years of fruitful collaboration, with the implementation of a seamless mobile network along DB's rail lines outpacing initial projections.

Currently, Deutsche Telekom ensures 97 per cent LTE coverage at 200 Mbit/s for both telephony and internet browsing on DB's main lines due to the construction of roughly 300 new cell towers, as well as enhancements to and enlargement of 700 pre-existing radio sites.

The company's mobile network expansion extends beyond these requirements and anticipates full coverage of DB's entire route network by the end of 2026. Notably, Telekom's LTE network, with 200 Mbit/s, is already available to over 90 per cent of high-passenger routes. The collaboration between DB and Deutsche Telekom also focuses on the improvement of mobile reception on trains and at the stations. They've equipped new DB long-distance trains with cell phone-permeable windows and made over 100 rail tunnels fit for mobile communication reception.

Srini Gopalan, Head of Germany at Deutsche Telekom, applauded the pace of progress, which sees a new mobile site installed every 2.5 days. The joint efforts ensure that DB passengers, whether aboard ICE or regional trains, enjoy uninterrupted calls and internet access via Telekom's mobile network across all routes.