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Deutsche Bahn Transports 6 Million Passengers During EC Football Tournament

Deutsche Bahn Transports 6 Million Passengers During EC Football Tournament
photo: Wolfgang Klee / Deutsche Bahn AG/DB ICE 4
03 / 07 / 2024

This European Championship (EC) has seen unprecedented rail travel during an international football tournament: 6 million passengers have traveled with Deutsche Bahn's (DB) ICE and IC trains since the start of the EC.

Additionally, travelers on DB's S-Bahn, regional trains, and buses contribute to the total. In the capital city of Berlin alone, around 150,000 passengers per match day have used the S-Bahn to travel to and from the stadium and fan zone. In Munich, around 70,000 fans have traveled to the stadium using DB buses since the start of the tournament. Daily, DB Regio services about 3.5 million passengers.

Numerous teams also chose to travel by train to the venues during the group stage. The Swiss team leads with five journeys on DB trains during the preliminary round, followed by Romania with four trips, and Georgia and the Czech Republic with two trips each.

DB thanks all fans for their patience and understanding when their train journeys didn't go as planned and extends gratitude to the 150,000 DB employees for their efforts during the EC. They work hard to ensure fans and teams reach their destinations safely, despite the often extreme weather conditions before and during the tournament.

Here are some key facts from the halftime report:

  • 6 million passengers on DB's ICE and IC trains since the start of the EC
  • Around 150,000 additional passengers on each match day just on the Berlin S-Bahn
  • 100,000 more daily passengers at the stations of the host cities
  • More than 22,000 consultations at the Welcome Desks in the stations

First half of climate-friendly team journeys by train:

  • Switzerland (five trips)
  • Romania (four trips)
  • Georgia and the Czech Republic (two trips each)
  • Poland, Belgium, and the Netherlands (one trip each)

Murat Yakin, coach of the Swiss national team: "We were warmly taken care of on our five trips with Deutsche Bahn. For the players and staff, it was a special and valuable experience. They appreciated the legroom and space on the train and spent their time playing board and card games."

Edward Iordănescu, coach of the Romanian national team: "The Romanian national football team traveled by train both to Cologne and Munich. This was the best option for us with the highest comfort. Furthermore, there were no issues; we experienced no delays, and everything went completely smoothly."

Philipp Lahm, UEFA EURO 2024 tournament director: "The delays so far have been manageable, only a few minutes each time. On Friday, however, Deutsche Bahn unfortunately disrupted my travel plans, but I was at the stadium for the second half of the Ukraine vs. Slovakia match. Generally, I am aware of the problems and challenges that many fans face with their rail journeys. We need to intensify infrastructure improvements in Germany, which has been neglected in recent years."

Moreover, to honor the players, DB has added an additional sign at the respective stations of their hometowns. These signs include a note about the star who comes from that town. A total of 24 stations across Germany have been equipped with these signs.

Source: Deutsche Bahn Press Releases