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DB Shows " IdeenzugCity" for Urban Railways

DB Shows &quote; IdeenzugCity&quote; for Urban Railways
photo: DB/DB
23 / 07 / 2021

Deutsche bahn (DB) has unveiled a full-size mockup of Ideenzug City, an "idea train" for S-Bahn rail systems. This train is showcasing innovative solutions that DB believes will significantly improve the quality of transport services and the carrying capacity of such systems. Before the pandemic, DB Regio, a regional passenger service operator that is part of DB, carried more than 1.3 billion passengers annually on S-Bahn trains.

The seating arrangement in the cabin of the Ideenzug City train can be automatically changed at the touch of a button, which increases the capacity of each carriage by 40% during peak hours and at the same time ensures maximum travel comfort during periods of low passenger traffic. So, the seats placed oppositely according to the 2 + 2 scheme can be transformed into the 1 + 1 scheme or turned with their backs to the walls of the carriage. When an even higher seating capacity is required, some of the seats can be deployed on the turntable and converted into rests for passengers traveling while standing. In the same way, you can quickly create spacious areas for strollers or bicycles.

During rush hours, spacious pick-up and drop-off areas are arranged in front of the doors. During periods of low load, when it is not necessary to open all the doors of the carriage, this space can be occupied by comfortable seating positions and stops for passengers traveling while standing, and these stops allow transformation into folding seats.

For passengers working during the trip, special compartments are provided where they can place their laptops on folding tables and connect displays built into the partitions as additional monitors.

The train is equipped with advanced information systems, including transparent film screens for displaying the route and other useful information, as well as for promptly informing passengers on platforms about the possibility of transporting objects such as bicycles in a particular carriage. A line of LEDs running along the entire length of the carriage is painted in the color of the specific S-Bahn line to make it easier for passengers to orientate on the platforms. There is a possibility of recharging electric scooters and other similar vehicles during the trip.

In 2017, DB Regio, together with partner companies, developed for the first time IdeenzugRegio, an “idea train” for regional transport. Some of these ideas have already been implemented during the modernization of S-Bahn trains serving Munich and its suburbs, some others have been improved and are now presented in the new version of the IdeenzugRegio layout. In particular, the bathroom was further developed. Now it is divided into three zones: a full-fledged toilet room with a changing table, a room with a urinal, and a separate open area with a washbasin. Doors open and close automatically without the need to touch their handles, taps, and drains also work contactless.