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DB Offers Porcelain and Glass as an Alternative to Disposable Packaging in ICE and Intercity Trains

DB Offers Porcelain and Glass as an Alternative to Disposable Packaging in ICE and Intercity Trains
photo: Deutsche Bahn/DB Offers Porcelain and Glass as an Alternative to Disposable Packaging in ICE and Intercity Trains
08 / 12 / 2022

Deutsche Bahn is consistently focusing on sustainability and resource conservation. From 1 January 2023, guests will be able to choose high-quality porcelain and glass as a reusable option for food and drinks in the onboard bistro and the to-go area of long-distance trains.

The reusable option is free of charge, deposit-free and available on request in the onboard bistro for all catering orders. In the onboard restaurant and as a part of the 1st class service, food and drinks have always been served in reusable tableware.

Michael Peterson, Member of the Management Board for Long-Distance Passenger Transport at DB: "Deutsche Bahn is continuing to drive forward its green transformation in onboard catering as well. With the introduction of porcelain and glasses in the onboard bistro as a reusable option, we are not only offering our guests a long-lasting and sustainable alternative to disposable packaging but are also creating enjoyment of the same quality as at home."

Hot beverage cups, plates and bowls for main courses and snacks as well as glasses for beer, wine or soft drinks, will be available in porcelain format. The current disposable packaging remains in the range and can be dispensed at the customer's request.

The careful use of resources already plays an important role in onboard catering: since June 2021, only FSC-certified wooden cutlery has been used, and the menu has been expanded to include vegan, vegetarian and organic dishes. In addition, DB continuously donates food to food banks, station missions and other charitable organisations in Germany.

Sustainability in onboard catering

  • Since March, DB has offered more than 50 per cent of the meals on offer as vegetarian or vegan. In addition, there are always three seasonal special offer dishes of 100 per cent organic quality on the menu
  • Since January, the oat drink from Oatly can be ordered with coffee as an alternative to cow's milk
  • For almost four years, Deutsche Bahn (DB) has been offering mineral water from a share on long-distance trains. By buying sustainable share water, passengers finance construction projects well
  • Disposable/to-go products: Deutsche Bahn is investing extensively in the use of renewable raw materials from sustainable forestry. In June 2021, DB replaced the previous plastic cutlery for to-go products with FSC-certified wooden cutlery
  • For many years, DB has donated food to food banks, railway station missions and other charitable organisations in Germany
  • Since April 2017, DB has served only Fairtrade-certified coffee in its ICE and IC trains. The other hot drinks, such as tea and cocoa, have also been switched to Fairtrade raw materials
  • Through various Group-wide campaigns, over 385,000 trees have been planted and 154 hectares of semi-natural forestland restored by the end of 2021

Source: Deutsche Bahn Press Releases