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DB Announces Final Preparations for the Wendlingen-Ulm Line Commissioning

DB Announces Final Preparations for the Wendlingen-Ulm Line Commissioning
photo: Archive/DB Announces Final Preparations for the Wendlingen-Ulm Line Commissioning
11 / 11 / 2022

Deutsche Bahn is on the home straight with the preparations for the Wendlingen-Ulm line commissioning. Locomotive drivers are currently gathering experience on the line. With the timetable change on December 11th, thousands of travellers will benefit daily from more and faster connections between Stuttgart and Munich. Thanks to the new Wendlingen-Ulm line, they will save around 15 minutes in future.

Olaf Drescher, Project Manager and Chairman of the Management Board of DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH: "With the commissioning of the new line, we are igniting the turbo for the mobility turnaround in the southwest. In four weeks, it will start, and travellers will be thrilled: by faster connections, more trains between Stuttgart and Munich and the prospect of cars stuck in traffic jams on the motorway running parallel to the line. All the effort has been worth it!"

Extensive training runs with ICE and regional trains

The new high-speed line is already completely finished. Several times a day, around 250 train drivers complete so-called route familiarisation runs there with an ICE and a regional train. They learn everything they need to know to be able to drive trains there in the future, such as the topographical characteristics of the line, the distances between the signal sections or the track layout within the stations.

Advantages for long-distance and regional passengers

The new infrastructure creates the basis for more attractive rail transport. In long-distance traffic, the travel time between Stuttgart and Ulm has been reduced by about a quarter of an hour thanks to the new high-speed line. Passengers between North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria will also benefit from this. At the same time, the daily long-distance service between the two state capitals, Stuttgart and Munich, will increase by about 20 to 90 journeys.

In regional transport, there are many new, attractive offers thanks to the high-speed line: The new station in Merklingen, for example, opens up an entire region for rail travel, and commuters in Stuttgart and Ulm, on the Alb, in Tübingen and Reutlingen will also be able to travel faster.


Source: Deutsche Bahn Press Releases