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DB and Federal Police develop innovations for more security at Berlin Südkreuz station. What can passengers expect?

DB and Federal Police develop innovations for more security at Berlin Südkreuz station. What can passengers expect?
photo: Deutsche Bahn/Dr. Dieter Romann, Klaus Dieter Kottnik, Dr. Richard Lutz, Dr. Volker Wissing and Nancy Faeser at Südkreuz
22 / 07 / 2022

To make travellers, station guests and DB employees feel even safer, DB and the German Federal Police are breaking new ground at Berlin Südkreuz station. They are developing and testing future-proof security concepts for stations there with scientific support. These include, for example, a luminous platform edge for better orientation and an app to increase the feeling of safety. DB CEO Dr Richard Lutz, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser and Federal Minister of Transport Dr Volker Wissing gave the go-ahead for the on-site testing of the measures in the presence of the President of the Federal Police Headquarters Dr Dieter Romann. In addition, the Federal Police and DB signed an agreement with Bahnhofsmission Deutschland to further expand cooperation related to security at train stations.

To improve security, DB and the federal police are also modernizing and expanding video technology in stations on a selective basis. In a scientific study, the German Federal Police and DB are examining how software could help in the future to detect potentially dangerous situations, such as people on the track or stray pieces of luggage, to protect rail passengers.

Dr Richard Lutz, Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Bahn AG: "Safety is a basic requirement for travelling: Only those who feel safe on trains and stations will use the railroad. Berlin Südkreuz station is our place for innovation: Here we are testing what can become standard tomorrow in the area of security at our stations. Despite all the technology, the focus is always on people. That is why we are significantly expanding our proven cooperation with the station missions. Our clear goal: security for rail passengers and DB employees."

Nancy Faeser, Federal Minister of the Interior: "Security is a question of social justice. It must be guaranteed for everyone. Especially in places where a particularly large number of people are on the move, they must also be able to feel safe at all times. Whether with the new SafeNow help call app, automated analysis of dangerous situations or signal lights on platform edges: What we are successfully developing and testing at Berlin Südkreuz station helps people move around safely in everyday life."

Dr Volker Wissing, Federal Minister of Transport: "Every rail journey begins and ends at the station. If we want to convince even more people to travel by train, no one should get a queasy feeling when entering a station, and if they do, they must be able to rely on quick assistance. It is not the only place where new technologies can give security personnel a considerably helping hand. With the luminous platform edge, for example, we want to achieve not only an increase in security but better guidance of passenger flows so that existing capacities can be better utilized."

Dr Dieter Romann, President of the Federal Police Headquarters, said, "Our partners, as well as the Federal Police, are concerned with the highest possible level of security. Of course, a prerequisite for this is always further technical and technological development. Through this security partnership and the close cooperation in the joint security laboratory here on site, we are in a position to advance innovations - right up to the final deployment. What we are testing here at Berlin Südkreuz station will be expanded with Deutsche Bahn AG if it proves successful. Illuminated platform edges and the help call app contribute to safety."

Klaus Dieter Kottnik, Chairman of the Association of German Railway Station Missions (Verband der Deutschen Bahnhofsmission e.V.): "We welcome the fact that Deutsche Bahn and the German Federal Police are incorporating the experience of the station mission with people from a wide variety of life situations in the further development of their security concept. We are thus building on the good and trusting, existing cooperation."

Innovations for even more security

In the newly opened security lab at Berlin Südkreuz station, the German Federal Police and DB are researching and testing innovative technology and services.

On platform 1, an LED light strip, the so-called "luminous platform edge," shows travellers the way, warns of incoming trains and ensures the necessary distance from the platform edge. In a one-year trial run, this visualization is intended to show how the modern light guidance system on the platform can make it easier for travellers to find their way and increase attention. In the future, the technology will also show the occupancy rate of individual cars. It would enable passengers to board quickly at the right place in the future.

With the new "SafeNow" app, users can call for help digitally, quickly and inconspicuously without making a phone call. Releasing an app button triggers the app alarm. At Berlin Südkreuz station, the alarm reaches the security lab staff directly. The app offers a low-threshold contact option in situations in which travellers and station visitors feel uncomfortable.

The "Security Station" project is helping to develop software that will support DB and federal police security staff in averting dangers for rail passengers. It is intended to help identify critical situations.

Focus on the human factor

Train stations are anchors for mobility and life in the surrounding district. Many different people come together here every day. To ensure mutual understanding, help and support, DB, the German Federal Police and the Bahnhofsmission Deutschland are intensifying their proven cooperation. To this end, the partners signed a new cooperation agreement. Here, too, the aim is to increase the sense of security among passengers, DB employees and other users of the stations. The first step, for example, is the training of DB trainees in social skills by the Berlin City Mission to recognize and resolve possible conflict situations at an early stage.


Source: Deutsche Bahn Press Releases