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Federal Passenger Company at Transport Week 2021 Moscow: Non-compartment passenger wagon

Federal Passenger Company at Transport Week 2021 Moscow: Non-compartment passenger wagon
photo: THM press materials/Capsule coach mockup got presented by TMH
10 / 12 / 2021

Federal Passenger Company, a subsidiary of Russian Railways and TMH, presented their non-compartment passenger rail car and its brand-new interior layout at Transport Week 2021 in Moscow. The Capsule coach was created by 2050.LAB, directly for TMH, while the first design prototype of a perspective non-compartment passenger car module was presented at Kazansky Rail Hub in Moscow in 2019. The uniting elements of the series are the individualization of the interior features, such as tables, shelves, lighting, air vents, in which the passenger spends most of the time.

The arrangement pattern of the beds positioned diagonally to the aisle was the inspiration behind the design's name - the 'herringbone' concept. 

The company also offers open compartments offered to travel groups and families. The private capsule and the open-space compartment units are the two options in mind for the coach interior. All passengers get their charging stations, cloth hangers, wall pockets, and other features convenient during a train journey. The Capsules should get primarily used for up to 12-hour travels during the nighttime.

  • The capacity of the useable space inside the car has 
  • increased by 290 cm
  • the size of the cars increased by 28 cm 
  • the range of the beds increased by 15 cm.


 Focus-group sessions aimed at passenger experience improvements were responsible for the project that uses the 'herringbone' concept. 



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