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CAF won the Swedish inter-regional EMU contract

CAF won the Swedish inter-regional EMU contract
photo: CAF/CAF
02 / 11 / 2021

Announcing the selection of CAF on October 25, SJ said rail travel had more than doubled in the last 20 years. While the pandemic has reduced interest, it expects this to be temporary, and the new trains are supposed to meet predicted future needs.

National passenger operator of Swedish Railways, SJ has picked CAF as the preferred bidder for a SKr3bn contract to supply 25 train sets for operations on inter-regional usage, mainly in the Stockholm-Mälaren region.

The Civity Nordic electric multiple units will reach a maximum speed of 200 km/h, with winterization for Swedish requirements, smoother boarding, extra space for bicycles, strollers, and baggage, and facilities for passengers to work while onboard.

The order forms part of SJ’s SKr12bn investment in new and restored rolling stock.

The trains are expected to enter service from 2025 on the Stockholm – Västerås – Örebro – Skövde – Göteborg, Stockholm – Uppsala, Linköping – Norrköping – Stockholm – Arlanda – Uppsala – Gävle – Ljusdal and Kalmar – Göteborg routes.

This is Civity Nordic´s second order for train sets announced this year. In April, CAF finalized a SKr250m agreement with leasing company AB Transitio to supply 20 electric and eight bimodule units under a framework contract awarded in 2014.

"We buy trains to meet an increasing demand, not least in the Stockholm-Mälaren region", explained SJ’s business manager Jan Kyrk.

"Despite the fact that the trains will have plenty of seats, we have still set the bar high in terms of comfort. The trains will work both for those who travel for 1 h to 2 h as well as for those who travel longer."

"More flexible way of working means that many can imagine commuting a little longer than before, where you are at work one to three days a week and at the same time take advantage of the train’s great advantage, the possibility to use travel time for work, recreation or rest."