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BREAKING: Suspension of rail traffic in Italy due to severe fires in the area

BREAKING: Suspension of rail traffic in Italy due to severe fires in the area
photo: Civil Protection Gorizia Italy/BREAKING: Suspension of rail traffic in Italy due to severe fires in the area
21 / 07 / 2022

The fire that broke out on Tuesday morning in the area of ​​the railway line in Italy began to spread towards Slovenia in the afternoon, reports A part of the fire brigade was therefore redeployed to the area towards Opatje Selo and further to the ​​Koper area.

Due to increased traffic caused road closures in Italy and the closure of the Miren Lokvica road, the road Komen - Kostanjevica na Karst was blocked, and traffic was diverted towards Branik.  

In the afternoon, another fire broke out in the area of ​​the fire site along the Renče - Temnica road, as a result of which the local road was closed. The fire broke out in ​​the fire site area between Cerje and Renški hrib. In addition to the fire brigade, police, and military helicopter, a Pilatus plane was called in to fight the fire. 

The situation on the Italian side remains more uncertain 

The situation on the Italian side remains more uncertain, according to the regional headquarters of the Civil Protection for Northern Primorska. Three fires are still active in Italy: in Medjevasa and the towns of Lisert and Sablica, located in Gorica, Italy. According to the Italian Office for Civil Protection, since Tuesday afternoon, Italian firefighters, many volunteers, and foresters have been continuously putting out fires in these areas. Slovenian firefighters are still helping them put out the fire. Air interventions also helped them extinguish the fire.

For this reason, METRANS informed the customers via their portal that traffic via the Villa Opicina border is suspended until further notice.

As for the cause of the fire, it seems like it was the result of sparks caused by the train braking. The strong wind blowing over the Karst at the time and the dry vegetation quickly ignited the first flames. The local authorities in Tržič warned residents not to move outdoors, as the air was heavily polluted due to smoke. "If you can, don't leave the house. It's better not to go out and wear a mask if necessary. Don't engage in sports activities. The windows should be closed," wrote the mayor of Tržič, Anna Maria Cisint. No wind at night caused extremely high values ​​of PM10 particles in the air.




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