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BREAKING: PKP Intercity Launches a New Connection between Poland and Lithuania

BREAKING: PKP Intercity Launches a New Connection between Poland and Lithuania
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity Launches a New Connection between Poland and Lithuania
28 / 11 / 2022

As of December 11, a new Kraków-Vilnius-Krakow connection will appear in the PKP Intercity timetable, allowing travel between Poland and Lithuania with one change. The sale of tickets for this connection started on November 25.

From the new timetable, i.e., December 11 this year, the Hancza train, which has so far been running on the Krakow - Suwalki - Krakow route, will run in an extended relation to Mockava station, located in Lithuania. Thanks to the cooperation between PKP Intercity and Lithuanian railroads LTG Link, a reciprocal connection has been agreed upon at Mockava station between the IC train Hancza and the LTG Link train on the Vilnius - Mockava - Vilnius route. Travel between Polish and Lithuanian cities will thus be possible with one change. The trains will be substituted on the same platform, making it easier for passengers to transfer between trains. The trip, although with a change, will be made on a single ticket.

"A network of connections is being developed all the time, enabling travelers to move efficiently around Poland and neighboring countries. Already, passengers from Poland have daily train connections to Berlin, Prague, or Bratislava. We are pleased that starting in December, there will be an opportunity to travel to Lithuania as well," says Andrzej Adamczyk, Minister of Infrastructure.

"Our offer to Lithuania also means attractive ticket prices. A ticket from Krakow to Vilnius costs 30 euros, and to Kaunas - 25. For a trip from Warsaw to Vilnius, passengers will pay 25 euros, and to Kaunas - 20. From today, tickets can be purchased at ticket offices and through the online sales system of PKP Intercity and Lithuanian railroads," explains Marek Chraniuk, CEO of PKP Intercity.

From December 11, the largest cities of Lithuania and Poland will be connected by daily trains. "Together with our partner, PKP Intercity, we have realized an international train connection that will provide both an ecological means of travel and a cultural link. Business travelers, young people who want to get to know the neighboring country or have fun in Kaunas, or visitors intending to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Vilnius - everyone will soon be able to reach Lithuania's most important cities by train," says Linas Baužys, CEO of LTG Link.

PKP Intercity is Poland's largest rail operator, which provides transportation between major cities and popular tourist destinations in the country, connects smaller centers with agglomerations, and enables convenient travel across Europe by providing transportation accessibility for residents of an increasing number of cities and towns. As part of the expanded investment strategy PKP Intercity - Big Investment Railway, by 2030, the Company will spend PLN 27 billion on the latest rolling stock and environmentally friendly stopping stations. In 2030, PKP Intercity's entire fleet will be new or modernized, ensuring a high level of travel safety and comfort. The carrier strives to offer passengers a high and repeatable standard of travel and is intensively developing its passenger offerings to make rail the first-choice mode of transportation. The development of railroads as the most environmentally friendly means of public transport is in line with the European Green Deal. PKP Intercity has the ambition to become the first Polish passenger carrier whose operations will be climate-neutral.

Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases