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BREAKING: PHX Sky Train Uses Alstom's Automated People Mover to Carry First Passengers Across New Extension

BREAKING: PHX Sky Train Uses Alstom's Automated People Mover to Carry First Passengers Across New Extension
photo: Alstom/PHX Sky Train Uses Alstom's Automated People Mover to Carry First Passengers Across New Extension
21 / 12 / 2022

Alstom, the global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, has successfully delivered the extension to the PHX Sky Train® automated people mover (APM) system at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, providing airport connections to the light rail train system and the rental car centre. This extension to the PHX Sky Train® provides not only increased capacity, but also more multimodal and accessible connections between the city of Phoenix and the airport, and an enhanced overall airport experience for domestic and international travellers.

Under the scope of its contract for the 2.5-mile extension, Alstom delivered a full turnkey solution comprised of electro-mechanical and guideway equipment, expansion of the current maintenance and storage facility, a maintenance recovery vehicle, retrofitted the wayside signalling system and upgraded vehicles already in operation today. In addition, 24 new Innovia APM 200 vehicles allow for 3-car trains, up from 2-car trains, which means being able to move more passengers more comfortably and more quickly in and around the airport facilities. Alstom delivered the extension while maintaining the current operations of the PHX Sky Train® throughout construction and testing, with no impact on the availability or reliability of the system.

“Our partnership with Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is grounded in a shared vision and commitment to improving passenger connectivity,” says Michael Keroullé, President of Alstom Americas. “The complexity of this extension project was tied to the need to maintain airport connectivity services aligned with passenger expectations during construction and especially at the time of integrating the extension into the existing system. What we have achieved today demonstrates the power of a great and collaborative partnership with Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, an important asset as we continue to operate and maintain the expanded Sky Train system for the years to come.”

Alstom’s relationship with the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport dates to 2009 and the construction of the first phase of the PHX Sky Train®. For phase 1 construction, Alstom designed and supplied all electrical and mechanical equipment, a maintenance facility, and 18 Innovia APM 200 vehicles. In addition, since 2013, Alstom has operated and maintained the PHX Sky Train® since it first started carrying passengers - 24 hours per day and 365 days a year - and will continue to operate and maintain the entire 4.2-mile system for the next 10 years. The PHX Sky Train® has a proven track record, achieving near flawless performance – consistently over 99.5 per cent availability - since the system opened. This is the third installation of Innovia APM 200, following Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Heathrow Terminal 5 Transit.

With over 50 years of experience and 80 systems in commercial service worldwide, Alstom is atrusted partner fordelivering integratedturnkeysystems customised for every mobility need. Alstom also has more than 45 years of experience in designing, building, maintaining and operating fully automated and energy-efficient APM systems, delivering more than 30 systems with full operations and maintenance support. The company installed the world’s first driverless APM system at Tampa International Airport in 1971. This level of performance has led airports around the world, including eight of the 10 busiest airports in the United States, to choose Alstom for their automated transit systems, and confirms Alstom’s position as the #1 private operator in North America.

The driverless Innovia APM is a transportation solution specially designed to serve airports and dense urban areas. It offers quick, comfortable, and convenient service for commuters within cities, to and from airports, or between airport terminals. Innovia APM cars operate on a dedicated guideway underground, on ground level, or elevated, avoiding interference with surrounding road or runway traffic. Built on 50+ years of successful and dependable operation, Innovia APM solutions incorporate modern aesthetics and advanced subsystems for optimised functionality. Over 30 of Alstom’s APM systems have been delivered around the world.

Source: Alstom Press Releases