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BREAKING: France and Germany Are to Launch High-speed Connection

BREAKING: France and Germany Are to Launch High-speed Connection
photo: Deutsche Bahn/France and Germany Are to Launch High-speed Connection
25 / 01 / 2023

France and Germany have announced a plan to improve rail links between the two countries, and a high-speed train between the capitals may be launched in 2024, Bloomberg reports.

This plan is stated in a declaration issued after a meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“As a tangible initiative illustrating our will to push forward on decarbonizing our economies and our societies, as well as our cross-border links, we support the deployment of the high-speed train route between Paris and Berlin, as well as the night train liaison, both announced for 2024,” the joint statement said.

The two countries also plan to develop a ticket for young people with preferential travel conditions between the two countries by the summer.

The state-owned French railway company SNCF and German Deutsche Bahn have previously stated that they plan to open a direct high-speed connection between the two capitals at the end of this year.

Macron's government is trying to restore some of France's night railway connections, such as between Paris and Nice, to go green after years of not investing in it.

Currently, a trip between Paris and Berlin by rail takes at least 8 hours. Paris and Frankfurt are already connected by a high-speed train.