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BREAKING: Extended Paris Metro Line 14 Now Connects Orly Airport with Paris in Record Time

BREAKING: Extended Paris Metro Line 14 Now Connects Orly Airport with Paris in Record Time
photo: Siemens Mobility / Public domain/Paris Metro's Line 14
25 / 06 / 2024

Siemens Mobility and RATP have completed a significant upgrade and extension of Paris Metro's Line 14, making it the first metro line in the world to migrate to the latest GoA4 (Grade of Automation) driverless system, "Trainguard MT CBTC."

Over the past six years, this project has doubled the line's length to 28 kilometers and improved its efficiency and reliability. With a headway of just 85 seconds, Line 14 is now the longest metro line in Paris and is expected to handle over one million passengers daily by 2025. The extension allows passengers to travel from Orly Airport to the city center in 20 minutes and from Saint-Denis Pleyel to Orly Airport in 40 minutes.

"Through the dedication and expertise of our teams, we achieved a world first by migrating an existing driverless line to a more advanced CBTC GoA4 system and extending the automated technology to the line's new sections," said Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility. He also noted the crucial timing of this project, completed ahead of a major international sports event, the Olympic Games Paris 2024, this summer.

The Trainguard MT CBTC system from Siemens Mobility increases the number of trains on the track, improves reliability, and reduces energy consumption. This system uses radio-based technology to locate each train precisely, control speeds, and enhance passenger safety while providing real-time updates to minimize delays.

This technology is widely used worldwide, in 25 countries across 96 metro lines. The success of this project on Line 14 sets a new standard for future metro automation projects.


Source: Siemens Mobility, RAILTARGET, Sortir Paris