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BREAKING: A Man Lost His Life at A Railway Station

BREAKING: A Man Lost His Life at A Railway Station
photo: Wikipedia/BREAKING: A Man Lost His Life at A Railway Station
12 / 01 / 2023

A tragic accident occurred in the Slovakian village Margecany, and a thirty-seven-year-old man died.

The Czech man fell into the track area and was subsequently caught by a train coming in the direction of Žilina, Slovakia. Lenka Ivanová, a spokeswoman for the Regional Police Directorate (KR PZ) in Košice, said that the exact cause of the fall is the subject of further investigation.

The tragic incident occurred over the weekend.

"The man was treated at the scene by a crew of rapid medical assistance. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, he succumbed to the injuries he sustained in the collision with the train after a few minutes," she said. Whether the deceased was under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances will be ascertained at an autopsy. Police have launched a criminal investigation into the matter for the offence of culpable homicide.



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