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ÖBB plans to expand its Car Sharing services

ÖBB plans to expand its Car Sharing services
photo: ÖBB press materials/ÖBB plans to expand its Car Sharing services
31 / 12 / 2021

Austrian Railways ÖBB will continue to expand their car-sharing services (Rail&Drive) even in the coming year. The new location expected to offer such services is Lienz, in East Tyrol. Already 39th location will be opened in the first quarter. Car sharing services are a convenient addition to the already profound transportation services in Austria. Customers can now drive from the train station by car to their actual destination.

In the new destination, Lienz, customers can register for services, after checking their driver's licenses, they will be issued the customer card. For now, the plan envisages two vehicles. Significant expansion is also set up for the Rail & Drive location at Vienna Central Station. New Additional location will be put on Gerhard Bronner-Strasse with six vehicles. The current fleet on the main station will be strengthened with two additional e-vehicles.

Rail & Drive service functions throughout Austria at 38 locations in 33 cities. Customers have a variety of vehicles to choose from, in total ÖBB offers about 400 vehicles. Expansion envisages an additional increase in electric mobility, nowadays there are already 19 locations with electric charging stations with around 50 electric vehicles in total.