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ÖBB announces timetable changes due to construction work on the western line: Climate-friendly mobility awaits for the passengers

ÖBB announces timetable changes due to construction work on the western line: Climate-friendly mobility awaits for the passengers
photo: Harald Eisenberger/ÖBB/ÖBB announces timetable changes due to construction work on the western line: Climate-friendly mobility awaits for the passengers
29 / 06 / 2022

The western line carries about one-third of all Austrian rail traffic. To ensure this continues, the line needs regular services. In the 2nd half of the year, it will again require several closures due to construction work on different line sections.

From March to November, there have been repeated restrictions to long-distance and night train services, as well as local and regional ones along the entire western axis from Vienna to Vorarlberg and across the country's borders. Rail travelers are asked to find out about their connections before starting their journey.

The ÖBB framework plan 2022 - 2027 provides for a record volume of 18.2 billion euros for the expansion and maintenance of the Austrian rail network over the next six years. The expansion and quality assurance of the rail network will create the conditions for more trains to run on the rail network overall. It means better and faster connections for rail passengers and is also a crucial contribution to greater climate protection.

Work on an even better railroad for tomorrow is in full swing

The maintenance work at the Vienna Westbahnhof and Prinzersdorf stations, which led to traffic restrictions in the spring, has been completed. Similarly, a major construction phase of the four-track expansion on the west side of Linz Central Station has been successfully implemented, and work is continuing on schedule this year without line closures.

Currently,  is still carrying out work on the Deutsches Eck corridor, which will have an impact on train traffic. Between St. Valentin and Amstetten, further maintenance work will be carried out in July by replacing several points and replacing and cleaning the track ballast. Maintenance work is also taking place in Vorarlberg. Among other things, new tracks are being laid between Dornbirn and Hohenems. The four-track upgrade of the western line between Marchtrenk and Wels is in full swing. At Marchtrenk station, we are building temporary platforms for our rail customers during the closure, which they can use to board the train while the station is being modernized, and we are putting the new signal box into operation. A new island platform is being built at Unterpurkersdorf station, which will be accessible barrier-free with lifts in the future. In addition, the station will receive new platform equipment and a new P&R facility.

Tullnerfeld-Pressbaum station will be barrier-free by 2024 and get a new P&R facility. Among other things, a passenger passage, a new island platform including a platform roof and a weather-protected waiting berth as well as a so-called tongue platform will be built. To increase safety, a new Weidlingbachstrasse (L123) road underpass will be built this year, and the Lawieserstrasse railroad crossing will then be abandoned.

Effects on train traffic

Depending on the closure, there will be changed departure and arrival times in long-distance traffic for RJ, RJX, ICE, IC, D, and WEST as well as night trains (NJ, EN) between Budapest / Vienna Airport / Vienna and Salzburg / Munich / Innsbruck / Feldkirch / Bregenz / Zurich. In local and regional traffic, there will be schedule changes, train cancellations, and/or rail replacement services with buses on S-Bahn, R, REX, and CJX.

ÖBB asks train passengers to inform themselves about their connections in good time before starting their journey. Timetable information is available online at,,, by phone via 05-1717, and by the app via the ÖBB timetable information SCOTTY mobil.

Construction work at a glance

  • 01.07.2022 - 01.08.2022 Salzburg - Rosenheim, Kufstein - Rosenheim
  • 10.07.2022 - 04.08.2022 Dornbirn - Hohenems
  • 11.07.2022 - 26.07.2022 St. Valentin - Amstetten
  • 09.08.2022 - 16.08.2022 Hörsching - Wels
  • 26.10.2022 - 02.11.2022 Unterpurkersdorf + Tullnerbach-Pressbaum

Detailed information about the effects can be found here.


Source: ÖBB Press Releases