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ÖBB and Siemens have presented a new Nightjet design. Austria invests more than €500 billion.

ÖBB and Siemens have presented a new Nightjet design. Austria invests more than €500 billion.
photo: Siemens/Press/Nightjet
22 / 04 / 2021

Austrian company ÖBB is investing in a new generation of Nightjet trains. The new design is intended to provide passengers with more comfort than before. Trains are developed by Siemens at its factory in Vienna. The first version of Nightjet was presented at an online conference in February. The new Nightjet sets will run in 2022.

So far, ÖBB has ordered 13 trains from Siemens Mobility with a view to ordering another 20 trains next year. Trains will run on the path between Austria, Germany and Italy. ÖBB wants to attract more customers and give them more privacy.

The next-generation Nightjet includes two passenger wagons, three inpatient and two sleeping compartments. The design combines modern elements with an even higher level of comfort for passengers. The train set will be completely wheelchair accessible. The set will include mini apartments that will provide more privacy and security. Furthermore, compartments on the couch or deluxe sleeping compartments.

The new Nightjet trains will offer more flexibility in operation. The locomotive will be connected to 4-14 wagons based on demand. Optionally also in double traction.

The cars will have premium comfort. The trains are designed for maximum quiet operation, as well as improved mobile signal reception, wireless power supply for mobile phones and Wi-Fi.

Leonore Gewessler, Austria's Minister for Climate Protection, said Europe needed more climate-friendly transport. A strong and extensive network of night trains that will contribute to this. That is why Austria is investing €500 million in the future of night trains. More trains means more access to remote destinations and more night connections. Nightjet is the best choice for traveling between capital cities.

Andreas Mattha, director of ÖBB, is thrilled with the company's decision to join European Night Trains in 2016 and does not regret the decision. Currently, ÖBB is one of the largest providers of these trains in Europe. According to Andreas Matth, Nightjet is environmentally friendly and creates attractive conditions for passengers.

According to Michael Peter, director of Siemens Mobility, the new Nightjets are enthralled by their great customer comfort, sustainability. A unique novelty is a mini apartment where passengers can escape and have their privacy. The newly designed lightweight bogies ensures quiet operation and reduces energy consumption. The new Nightjets will be more environmentally friendly and will play a central role in travel between European cities.