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Alstom's Citadis Trams Set to Revolutionize Transit in Toulouse, Brest, and Besançon

Alstom's Citadis Trams Set to Revolutionize Transit in Toulouse, Brest, and Besançon
photo: Alstom/Alstom's Citadis Trams Set to Revolutionize Transit in Toulouse, Brest, and Besançon
28 / 04 / 2023

Alstom has been chosen by the metropolitan areas of Toulouse, Brest and Besançon and their respective Transport Authorities to supply the new trams of their networks.

The order will include 22 Citadis trams:

  • 9 for Toulouse,
  • 8 for Brest,
  • and 5 for Besançon.

Other trams may be ordered during the 8 years of the contract in order to meet the needs of the metropolitan areas' transport services. The first deliveries will take place in Besançon in March 2025, with entry into service scheduled for September of the same year. The first deliveries will follow for Brest in July 2025 and for Toulouse in January 2026 for commissioning in January 2026 and September 2026, respectively.

A group order for Citadis trams 

The three metropolitan areas have joined forces in a group order with the aim of optimising costs. To meet this need, Alstom's teams relied on the Citadis portfolio, which benefits from the experience of more than 3,000 tram sets already ordered in 70 cities (including 24 in France, with the addition of Besançon) in 20 countries around the world. Based on this product, the new rolling stock will retain the iconic features and design elements of the trams currently in service in these cities.

A concentrate of innovation for the well-being of passengers

With a length of 32.50 metres and a width of 2.40 metres, the new trams have 4 double doors of 1.30 metres and 2 single doors per side. They offer a capacity of 201 passengers and are equipped with fully glazed doors to enhance the feeling of comfort and safety for passengers.

In compliance with the PMR (Persons with Reduced Mobility) regulation, the trams are equipped with door-opening buttons at the right height, wider seats and areas reserved for wheelchair users and pushchairs.

For a comfortable and safe journey, the Citadis trams are air-conditioned and equipped with a dynamic passenger information system as well as a video protection system. 

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly trams

At the same time as providing an increased level of service and comfort for passengers, these Citadis trams will reduce energy consumption by at least 25% compared to the current trams, thanks to new motorisation, efficient management of climatic comfort and 100% LED lighting. These trams are eco-designed, 95% recyclable and 99% reusable.

Trams with optimum availability

These new Citadis trams will also reduce maintenance operations by 18% during their 30 years of commercial operation. Maintenance requirements have already been taken into account with a reduced number of spare part references, and improved accessibility of components and sensors distributed throughout the tram to allow remote diagnosis, thus anticipating and optimising periods of downtime and offering optimum availability for the commercial service.

The contribution of the French sites to the Toulouse, Brest and Besançon tram contracts

Nine Alstom sites in France are involved in the manufacturing of these trams:

  • La Rochelle, for design and assembly,
  • Le Creusot, for the bogies,
  • Ornans, for the motors,
  • Villeurbanne, for on-board electronics and cyber security,
  • Aix-en-Provence, for the tachometric units,
  • Sens, Gennevilliers and Saint-Florentin, for brake discs and linings,
  • and Saint-Ouen, for design.

Citadis trams have already covered more than 1 billion kilometres and carried 10 billion passengers since the first tram was put into service in 2000.

Source: Alstom