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Alstom's 8900 Series Train Marks New Era of Urban Mobility in São Paulo

Alstom's 8900 Series Train Marks New Era of Urban Mobility in São Paulo
photo: Alstom/Alstom's 8900 Series Train Marks New Era of Urban Mobility in Sao Paulo
03 / 03 / 2023

The delivery of the first train of Alstom's 8900 series to ViaMobilidade, the company responsible for managing lines 8-Diamante and 9-Esmeralda in São Paulo, marks the commencement of a new era in urban mobility in the larger São Paulo region.

The company is manufacturing 36 eight-car Metropolis trains made from stainless steel, which are more durable, lighter, and more energy-efficient than their carbon steel counterparts. The trains can carry up to 2,600 passengers each and include modern technologies, such as passenger counting, dynamic line maps, video surveillance, fire detectors, and fire extinguishers. ViaMobilidade's lines 8 and 9, which transport more than one million passengers per day, have undergone significant improvements since the concession was taken over in January 2022.

The new trains from Alstom are part of ViaMobilidade's efforts to modernize and improve public transportation in São Paulo. The city, which is one of the largest in the world, has long struggled with traffic congestion and pollution, and officials are hoping that investments in new trains, buses, and other forms of public transportation will help to alleviate these issues. In addition to the new trains, ViaMobilidade is also investing in other improvements to lines 8 and 9, including new signalling systems, renovated stations, and improved accessibility for passengers with disabilities. These efforts are part of a broader push by the Brazilian government to upgrade the country's transportation infrastructure and promote sustainable urban development.


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