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A Passenger Train Trapped a Woman in a High Stage of Pregnancy Moving on the Track

A Passenger Train Trapped a Woman in a High Stage of Pregnancy Moving on the Track
photo: Archive/A Passenger Train Trapped a Woman in a High Stage of Pregnancy Moving on the Track
17 / 02 / 2023

The tragedy happened on the railway line between Nové Mesto nad Váhom and Myjava, Slovakia. The incident took place between Stará Turá and the village of Vaďovce. The man, his pregnant wife, and their son were returning home together on foot. They wanted to avoid cars, so they walked along the tracks in the forest. A passenger train was passing through at the time.

"The train driver spotted the person in time and took the necessary action to prevent the train from colliding with the person. However, the accident could not be prevented due to the braking distance of the train," informed Katarína Kuzmová, spokesperson of the Regional Police Directorate in Trenčín.

"Shortly before half past seven in the evening on the line Stará Turá - Vaďovce, a woman was hit by a train and was moving illegally on the track," said Ria Feik Achbergerová, spokeswoman for the Slovak Railways.

The father and son managed to avoid the train, but the 38-year-old woman, who was six months pregnant, apparently did not estimate a safe distance, and the train knocked her to the ground. She was left lying there motionless.

"Firefighters from Nové Město nad Váhom assisted medics in treating and then transporting the injured person to an ambulance," said Marián Petrík, spokesman for the Regional Directorate of the Fire and Rescue Corps in Trenčín.

"The rescuers managed to revive her and transported her to the hospital in artificial sleep in a critical condition," said Alena Krčová, spokeswoman for the Operational Centre of the Emergency Medical Service. "A pregnant woman was transported to us. Unfortunately, despite the enormous efforts of the doctors of our medical team, neither the woman nor the child could be saved," said Martina Holecová, spokeswoman of the University Hospital in Trenčín. Police are investigating the circumstances of the tragic death. A criminal prosecution has been launched in the case for the offense of manslaughter. ŽSR informed that they are currently registering an increased incidence of persons moving unauthorisedly along the line.

"We would also request the public, if they spot such persons, to report their movement," urged the ŽSR spokesperson.