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6.5 million of 9-euro tickets: DB doubles sales in one week

6.5 million of 9-euro tickets: DB doubles sales in one week
photo: DB/6.5 million of 9-euro tickets: DB doubles sales in one week
08 / 06 / 2022

At Whitsun, as in previous years, there were more passengers than usual on public transport buses and trains. What is usual for the season was slightly boosted this year by the 9-euro ticket. Overall, DB can look back on well-regulated Whitsun traffic. However, as expected, there were regional peaks in capacity utilization.

At Deutsche Bahn (DB) alone, the number of 9-euro tickets sold has more than doubled since the end of May: over 6.5 million 9-euro tickets have now been sold online, at ticket machines or in DB travel centres.

Jörg Sandvoß, CEO of DB Regio: "With 86,000 train journeys, everything that can roll rolled at DB Regio over the long weekend. The 9-Euro-Ticket is a unique experiment and a great opportunity for the entire industry. We are literally putting everything we have into motion for this - trains, buses, service staff. Of course, as expected, there have been sporadic peaks in demand, especially on the main tourist routes. I would like to thank our employees: With a real show of strength, they did everything they could to get the many travellers to their destinations at Whitsun."

DB Regio is running more than 50 additional trains to cope with the expected increase in passenger numbers from June 1. Rail customers will thus benefit from around 250 additional journeys and an increase in the daily offering of around 60,000 seats on regional and S-Bahn trains. As more leisure and excursion trips, in particular, are made during the summer months, DB is increasing staffing levels on trains and at stations, especially along tourist routes. More than 700 additional services and security staff coordinate boarding and disembarking, assist passengers with luggage or bicycles, and are available to provide information. That's four times as many as in a normal summer. DB Regio is also stepping up the maintenance and cleaning of trains at its plants and by mobile maintenance teams. All measures are being carried out in close cooperation with and with the support of the public transport authorities of the federal states.


Source: DB Press Releases


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