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25 million passengers since 2007. DB and SNCF celebrate 15 years of cooperation!

25 million passengers since 2007. DB and SNCF celebrate 15 years of cooperation!
photo: #DIGITALSNCF/25 million passengers since 2007. DB and SNCF celebrate 15 years of cooperation!
27 / 05 / 2022

The two major European railroads, DB and SNCF, can look back on the successful development of their cooperation in cross-border high-speed traffic, which started in 2007. At a ceremony to mark the 15th anniversary in Strasbourg, Dr Richard Lutz, Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Bahn, and Jean-Pierre Farandou, President of SNCF, praised the record of successful Franco-German cooperation. Around 25 million people boarded the fast TGV and ICE trains to travel to their respective neighbouring countries during this period.

"High-speed traffic between Germany and France is an outstanding example of how attractive connections drive cross-border traffic by rail. I firmly believe in the great potential of rail in and for Europe. Our planned new direct connection between the hearts of our two capitals will inspire even more people to travel by train," said Richard Lutz.

Jean-Pierre Farandou: "Our two companies have been working together for 15 years in unique cooperation in which we pool our know-how to get the best out of German and French high-speed rail services. Given the climate crisis, rail is the mode of transport par excellence and offers the best alternative for business and vacation travel between our two countries."

Federal Minister of Transport Dr Volker Wissing: "Environmentally friendly rail travel through Germany and Europe - that's what our TransEuropExpress 2.0 concept stands for. Because of the major challenges of climate change, rail must also play a stronger role in intra-European traffic. The new Berlin-Paris high-speed link will provide another attractive alternative to flying by rail. The cooperation between DB and SNCF has been showing how it can work for 15 years now."

In a Memorandum of Understanding, the partners agreed to continue the cooperation beyond 2025 and expand the services. DB and SNCF are working on a direct connection from Berlin to Paris.

Milestones of the last 15 years / Deutsche Bahn

DB and SNCF currently offer a total of twelve direct connections per day in each direction between France and Germany: six from Frankfurt/Main to Paris. From Stuttgart, there are five connections, one of which is a train from/to Munich. The fastest connection is Stuttgart-Paris: the travel time for the 600 kilometres is 3:10 hours. For ten years, a train has been connecting Frankfurt/Main and Marseille directly every day.

Interessantes rund um ICE und TGV / Deutsche Bahn

Growing and attractive offers have recently led to a clear trend in long-distance travel between the two countries: Train instead of flight - that was the choice of more than half of the travellers on the Frankfurt/Main-Paris connection in 2021, opting for rail travel. Between Stuttgart and Paris, the figure was as high as nine out of ten travellers. Friendliness, language skills and competence - passengers regularly praise the mixed French-German teams on board in surveys.

DB and SNCF are celebrating the anniversary with a special offer: From May 25 up to June 8, both railroads will be offering a total of 15,000 tickets for 29.90 euros in 2nd class (39.90 euros in 1st class). They are valid for journeys on the ICE or TGV route to France and in the opposite direction. The travel period is between June 8 and September 30, 2022.


Source: DB Press Releases