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100 Years in Motion: Renfe Honours Cercedilla-Cotos Line with Historic Exhibition

100 Years in Motion: Renfe Honours Cercedilla-Cotos Line with Historic Exhibition
photo: Renfe/100 Years in Motion: Renfe Honours Cercedilla-Cotos Line with Historic Exhibition
14 / 07 / 2023

Renfe celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Cercedilla-Cotos line, a service standing out for its tourist and leisure character, with a photographic exhibition of its entire history at Cercedilla station. Located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, the line is just over 18 kilometres long and has a gradient of 719 metres, starting at an altitude of 1,100 metres in Cercedilla and reaching 1,819 metres at Puerto de Cotos.

The photographic exhibition on display at Cercedilla station for these 100 years of travel reflects the history of this emblematic line in the 1940s and 1960s with images of the landscapes along the 18.19 kilometres of the train route and its three stations: Cercedilla, Puerto de Navacerrada, and Cotos.

Customers travelling today on the C-9 Cercanías line will also receive gifts to mark the centenary, including a book with the line's history from its beginnings to the present day. This line stands out mainly for its ability to bring hikers and ski mountaineers from Cercedilla to Puerto de Navacerrada.

The Guadarrama Mountain Train was inaugurated on 12 July 1923 at 18:00h. It is still in service today, obviously with the changes and modernisation of the trains with 442 material, which took place between 1972 and 1975. In 2024, new rolling stock will be incorporated and a complete overhaul of the trains will be carried out.

The Nature Train

Series 442 is designed for passenger transport on High Mountain Lines and has great benefits for the Sierra de Guadarrama, its surroundings, and all those who visit this area of Madrid, the green zone par excellence of Cercanías Madrid: traffic capacity, overcoming the inclemency of winter while preserving the environment, unblocking road congestion on holidays and weekends and, above all, appreciating the Sierra de Madrid in a different, ecological and entertaining way for children and adults alike.

The rolling stock of this line was inspired by the Swiss railway industry for mountain lines, which is why it was known as "the Swiss". The first vehicles had the typical Swiss mountain look. Seats of pine wood, bodies of oak wood, and the roof and floor of American pine. From the 1970s, the 442 Series evolved, modifying its corporate colours to adapt to the image of Renfe at any given time.

Source: Renfe