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ZÖLLNER Signal: Innovations solutions for railway operation. Safety on railway first!

ZÖLLNER Signal: Innovations solutions for railway operation. Safety on railway first!
photo: RAILTARGET/Mrs. Britta Lissinna, head of sales, ZÖLLNER Signal
29 / 09 / 2022

RAILTARGET presents you with an exclusive interview with Dr. Britta Lissinna, head of sales in company ZÖLLNER Signal. What are the main company products, in which part is the company active, and which innovations are they providing to the railway sector?

So, in which part of the railway sector is your company active?

We are active in the infrastructure railway sector, so it's like... Speed detection units, monitoring systems for the cable system, or mobile level crossing, but the main core of the business is Automatic track warning systems, so this is- looking for people so that they're not overrun by the train.

Can you tell us something about your main clients?

Yeah, so we are active in all of Europe, as you can see, and our major clients, it's like, German companies, so it's DB, but for sure also Network Rail, SNCF, RFE or SBB, or Austrian Railway, but for sure, we also have clients in Poland like PLK, or lately also in Slovenia.

And what are your goals for the safety of the personnel work?

For us, the personnel and safety for them, it's our major goal, so that's why we present solutions on all kinds of track worksites, it's for small moving track work sites like patrolling, so [it is] for people who should measure and/or control something on switches... But also for medium-sized worksites and bigger worksites, like construction work sites. Now, with our new system, you see it here, you can even bring a warning system on the machines, so there's no system needed to be built next to the track, and it's a very comfortable way of a high-level safety in its form.

And do you also have some kind of personnel warning system?

Yeah, lately we have a new development, an innovative solution, you can see it here. This was developed together with DB, and the warning will get directly on the earphone. And the main purpose today was for vegetation cutting, to save people during this work. But it can be also used in noisy environments or noise-sensitive environments as like... Near the hospitals and in the cities.

You have already talked about the cable monitoring system. Could you be so kind to tell us something more about that?

It's a new innovative solution from our house, and it's just home located lastly from the DB. It works like this... It's installed in the interlocking center, and it measures the sensitivity and humidity, and the cable, it's running to the signals or switches. So, the supplier controls permanently the status of the cable, and then [you] plan and work on cables. So, you're really benefiting because there is low-cost repair, and you have no lost units or lost minutes in the train traffic.

And at the end of our interview, do you have some messages for your clients?

Yeah, please come to us, contact us! We design your safety solutions!