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Why do classical music concerts take place in subway stations?

Why do classical music concerts take place in subway stations?
photo: do classical music concerts take place in subway stations?
17 / 04 / 2022

You could notice concerts on the subway in cities around the world. But have you thought about other reasons why concerts would be held apart from a cultural point of view? Classical music affects the human psyche positively and reduces potential aggression. For this reason, symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven could be an ideal choice for your subway trips.

The effects of classical music on the human brain

On the way to the subway, it certainly happened that you came across various concerts, sometimes even classical music concerts. Have you ever thought about why these underground concerts would be held? In addition to the cultural aspect, classical music increases human satisfaction and happiness. London, in particular, is very active in organizing underground concerts. Transport of London has come up with its concept of improving passengers' moods. At 65 subway stations, a 40-hour playlist of classical music play through the speakers. In 2007, statistics showed that the number of thefts decreased by 33%, attacks on staff reduced by 25%, and the frequency of vandalism lowered by 37% during 18 months of holding underground concerts.

The Berlin carrier BVG is developing a pilot project for classical music in the subway

U-Bahn, which manages the subway stations in Berlin, is also coming up with a new project. Berlin is a very cultural city with a rich musical heritage. BVG, in cooperation with Klasikk Radio, is preparing classical music playlists for passengers at four metro stations. Each station will play a different playlist. Unter den Linden is one of the most elegant stations, so a selection of piano compositions will play here, while more popular songs will play at Südstern station. BVG also chose metro stations based on their size to determine which compositions would sound best in a particular space. Passengers will be polled about their opinions at the stations, and if the pilot project proves successful, it could be extended to more Berlin stations.

Classical music has entered other unexpected areas of everyday life

The idea also inspired the police in the north of London and began playing classical music in the more problematic parts of the city. As a result, the police recorded a significant decrease in verbal and physical assaults. Classical music is used even in hospitality. Fast foods like McDonald's started playing compositions by Chopin or Debussy at night to calm the atmosphere and encourage good manners at their branches.