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"We have great partners here," says Marko Radovic, RCEE/BSN Communication and Project Manager

&quote;We have great partners here,&quote; says Marko Radovic,  RCEE/BSN Communication and Project Manager
photo: Archive/"We have great partners here," says Marko Radovic, RCEE/BSN Communication and Project Manager
18 / 08 / 2022

RAILTARGET presents you with an exclusive interview with Marko Radovic, Communication and Project Manager of RCEE/BSN. Plans for SEE Mobility, the impact of Covid-19 on the railway sector and more!

You're one of the main organizers of this conference, can you tell us how you enjoyed it?

I enjoyed it pretty much. It is always a pleasure to be here, in Slovenia and extend our services to other companies, and other partners in Slovenia. Of course, coming to a different country is a challenge. But, on our side, we have great partners here, on the field. And that is one of the purposes of being in a cluster, you know, to have quality companies in a quality network of quality partners that you can rely on.

Last year, you were also one of the main organizers of the SEE Mobility fair in Belgrad. It was one of the biggest fairs in Balkan countries. What about next year? Are you planning to make a SEE Mobility 2023?

Yes, of course. SEE Mobility has re-grown to be a major railway event in this region, in the Balkans. And it attracts attention not just from the regional companies, but also from companies who want to enter the region, to business in the region. Last year, we had many, not just companies, but also policymakers, and industry professionals, and it became the best place to come to present yourself and connect yourself. So definitely, we are looking forward to doing even more in 2023, and we hope to have very soon a package to present to the companies and interested parties, and we hope that it will be made in 2023. 

This conference was also about Covid-19 and its impact on the railway sector. What do you think about that?

It is a complicated question. For the industry, it had its obviously bad sides, namely with the rules for the passengers' health safety. But it also- The supplier industry reacted to it. They provided solutions for it and we had a number of interesting solutions appearing in Europe if you needed to disinfect the air inside of vehicles if you needed to help disinfect the passengers entering, so it was kind of a mixed thing. Unfortunately, the Covid crisis started and now it's continuing. We have seen large disruptions in the supply chains, and that is something that we need to address immediately. As the prices go up and the deliveries of services are growing even longer. Thankfully, as a cluster, that is our role. We connect partners through the entire value chain and as a part of this wider ERCI network, we are very capable of doing that on the European level.

So maybe it is connected with my last question. What are your plans for the future in the business area of the railway sector? You are planning to be in some kind of cooperation with other organizations, right?

Of course. One of our main goals is to promote innovation in the railway sector. And we love transferring technologies, and spreading new, innovative solutions, not just in the region but in the wider, global market. And that is definitely one of the core objectives of us as a cluster.