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We are planning to extend our products to get more customer satisfaction, says Christian Junge, Head of Production Line ATWS at ZÖLLNER

We are planning to extend our products to get more customer satisfaction, says Christian Junge, Head of Production Line ATWS at ZÖLLNER
photo: RAILTARGET/We are planning to extend our products to get more customer satisfaction, says Christian Junge, Head of Production Line ATWS at ZÖLLNER
15 / 12 / 2022

RAILTARGET presents you with an exclusive interview with ZÖLLNER representatives Dr. Britta Lissinna, Head of Sales, Frank Peters, Head of Business Unit Rail, and Christian Junge, Head of Production Line ATWS. We were lucky to meet them at InnoTrans 2022 and see in person how some of their developments work. What products did they introduce at the fair, and what is their outlook on digitalization?

It is very nice to see you at InnoTrans! I would love to ask you which products did you come here with? What you are introducing?

Dr. Britta Lissinna, Head of Sales at ZÖLLNER: We are so happy this year to be back at InnoTrans after four years, to finally see our clients in person and enter discussions with them about the new solutions. Here we have a world-premiere product! It is a COBRA system that enables remote controlling [of a rail vehicle] by using Euro-Balise. It can be used on the ETCS lines, so this is a good innovation for international outlines, where you have ETCs countries. And we can also use it - this would be the second step - to be developed with PCP magnets, so it could be then also used in Germany and Austria. But we have also another very important innovative product. So here we have the WATSON. It is an individual device made for warning people on track work sites, and it's part of the MFE family.

Can you introduce to us ZÖLLNER's products?

Frank Peters, Head of Business Unit Rail at ZÖLLNER: Hello! I am Frank Peters from ZÖLLNER. We make track warning systems and some other safety devices for the infrastructure, and one of our main products is our track warning system which is radio-based and can be used in multiple applications. Very small work size, large work size, it can be done on track warning machines, even permanent installations. It is used across the world, really, in Europe and even down to Australia. So we can fit any work site with them.

And what about the topic of digitalization and ZÖLLNER? What is your point of view?

Christian Junge, Head of Production Line ATWS at ZÖLLNER: So digitalization is, of course, very important for us. So two years ago we started to develop a cloud system for our ATWS components, and we developed it with one of our elite customers, Deutsche Bahn. We call it the Z-cloud, so with this cloud, you are able to control and surveil all the components of ATWS systems and also get some features like GPS coordinates so you can control if some components are stolen and where they are, so we also put some energy and self-protection and functionality. And I can show you some of these functions here, in our demonstration. So every customer gets their own cloud access for their components, and they are able to log into the system and select the operating warning systems. You can see those on a map. We have different types of views, like this map view here. You can see where the components are located and what their status is. You can go deeper into the details of each component and see detailed information about the status and how the configuration is when the next maintenance is due. You can check and control the system while you are using it. And when the work is done, you can do some analysis of the usage and see if there were any mistakes or faults or how long the system was running. And we have a couple of options and new features already on our roadmap, and we are planning to extend this product and integrate it into more of our products to make it bigger and get more customer satisfaction.


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