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"We Are Expecting a Lot from the Market This Year," Says Yilmaz Tosun, DB Systemtechnik

&quote;We Are Expecting a Lot from the Market This Year,&quote; Says Yilmaz Tosun, DB Systemtechnik
photo: RAILTARGET/"We Are Expecting a Lot from the Market This Year," Says Yilmaz Tosun, DB Systemtechnik
01 / 08 / 2023

RAILTARGET editorial team had the honour to speak with Yilmaz Tosun, senior manager of business development and sales at DB Systemtechnik. He shared his stance on the last two years since our last interview, which also took place at the SEE Mobility fair, and revealed the outlook for the upcoming year.

How do you enjoy the atmosphere of SEE Mobility 2023? 

This is my second time here. I am very familiar with this region and the environment here. It is not as crowded as last time but it is well-organised.

I remember we met up here two years ago. What happened in these two years? 

That was my first time because I had taken over the region. We were not known as DB Systemtechnik in Serbia and the Balkans. After this event, we have become more famous. Last year, we had a big project in Serbia. We met at the homologation of the new high-speed line between Belgrade and Novi Sad. 

Can you tell us something more about it? 

When you are building a new line, whether it is high-speed or normal, a neutral company has to test it and homologate it. The owner of the infrastructure selected us, as we were referenced in Europe. This homologation test has several subjects. We had a big team from February to March last year. We are really proud to be known in this region and will continue. 

What is your overview of 2023? 

It is a very sporty time. As is well known, we expect more from the market. We are here for the second time in order not to be forgotten. We are building new networks and also going to neighbouring countries of Serbia. There are big projects in the Balkans. I think Serbia is in the middle of the Balkans, with routes from north to south and from west to east across. 

Which other fairs or events are you going to this year? 

There is going to be a big fair in Turkey, EURASIA RAIL 2023. TRAKO is also another one where we also met with you. As we split the region with other colleagues, two of my colleagues will be in Poland on TRAKO. There are small exhibitions in Austria, for instance, in Graz. There are also other small exhibitions this year. For my region, these three exhibitions are important. I am really thankful that I could meet with you again, and I hope we will see you soon.

At SEE Mobility 2025, too, hopefully!

I hope so. I will be there, our business is growing, and our sister company is here with a big project, so you will get a lot of news from DB Systemtechnik.