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"Unmatched is the ability of the technology to consistently reduce wear, noise and vibration," says Gorazd Reberšak, ELPA Sales Manager

&quote;Unmatched is the ability of the technology to consistently reduce wear, noise and vibration,&quote; says Gorazd Reberšak, ELPA Sales Manager
photo: Archive/Gorazd Reberšak, Sales Manager of ELPA
12 / 08 / 2022

RAILTARGET editorial team presents you with an exclusive interview with Gorazd Reberšak, sales manager of the Slovenian company ELPA. We talked about the company's activities, why its product is so interesting and beneficial, and ELPA's future plans.

Could you, in short, present your company and what you are doing? 

ELPA Ltd. is specialised in managing railway friction. Trackside or on-board devices are designed to apply microfilm of specially developed composite material into wheel-rail interface. The introduction of this ecologically acceptable composite compound in the late 1990s represented first discontinuation of the use of potentially dangerous lubricants in the railway sector.

The only technology that applies environmentally acceptable highly efficient CHFC (Composite Hardy-Fluid Compound) materials with over 40% of solid micro particles. First CHFC materials were developed almost two decades ago. Since then, they deliver optimal results and there has been no need to change their formula / Gorazd Reberšak, ELPA

So, it is the composite material that seems to be particularly important?

Absolutely! Devices, of course, play crucial role as they need to apply material precisely to deliver its full benefits. Let me point out that our composite material contains over 40% of solid micro particles. It is a lot compared to most other materials on the market with around 10% of solid particles. It has been understood for a long time that higher content of solid particles delivers best results because they get worn instead of rails and wheels.

Trackside devices only need to be refilled 2-3 times a year because of high efficiency of the composite material. Its consumption is 80% lower compared to a typical competitor. Low quantities and precise application techniques guarantee that ballast is kept clean. Very good adhesion does not compromise braking efficiency / Gorazd Reberšak, ELPA

This is interesting. Why this big difference in the content of solid micro particles?

There has always been technological challenge to apply these demanding materials. Mainstream technology with progressive distributors at its core has limited ability to process demanding thick materials. So, it is the technology that has been limiting development of effective composite materials. ELPA in the first step developed the composite material that provided optimal anti-wear and anti-noise results. Simultaneously a special technology had to be developed to apply this new composite material. Today the technology is protected with over 30 patents, and it is still the only one to efficiently process composite materials with high solid particle content. There is then also size, shape and hardness of these particles that play important role, but this is already another story.

On-board solutions protect all parts of the wheel-rail interface (TOR, wheel flange & wheel flank) with only one composite material. Our latest development for tramways is application device that requires no compressed air / Gorazd Reberšak, ELPA

Maybe a topic of our next interview. What results can your clients expect if they opt for your technology?

Unmatched is the ability of the technology to consistently reduce wear, noise and vibration for over 25 years. This technology is consistently resolving wear and friction noise problems on locations where other technologies fail. With very small amounts applied to the wheel-rail interface it delivers results without compromising required traction – even in rainy conditions!

Bremex Annsys is an award-winning technology. It eliminates high frequency squealing of the retarders on the hump yards. It also reduces wear on the entire marshalling yard and so substantially reduces its life cycle costs / Gorazd Reberšak, ELPA

And what are your plans for future expansion? Are you looking to expand to foreign markets? 

The technology is already globally present. We have been witnessing its increased implementation as more and more clients are looking for effective friction solutions. References from satisfied clients, that explain the value of the technology, play important role in understanding its value and thus its introduction! It is our vision to become a globally leading technology with franchise production locations spread around the world.

Thank you for the interview!

You are welcome!