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Transshipment in Čierna is getting transferred to automated tippers. Head of ZSSK CARGO, Mr. Gono stated, "We will be faster, cheaper, and more efficient."

Transshipment in Čierna is getting transferred to automated tippers. Head of ZSSK CARGO, Mr. Gono stated, &quote;We will be faster, cheaper, and more efficient.&quote;
photo: Archives/Roman Gono
25 / 11 / 2021

The Čierna nad Tisou site has seen significant volumes of transhipments of material from the broad gauge railway, which the site is implementing this year. However, the main focus of the site is on the transshipment of bulk iron ore substrates, which are then distributed to iron producers. Part of the cargo goes to U.S Steel Košice, and another load gets sent to the Czech Republic or Austria. In parallel with the increase in iron production, the volume of transported materials also increases, which means a higher volume of shipments for the Slovak freight forwarder.

"Of course, no one knows how long that increase will continue, whether there will be some corrections again in the future, and these organizational changes that we're making, that our company won't be as sensitive to fluctuations and changes in that volume limit. And we will be able to deal with this transshipment very efficiently with the minimal impact on costs," Roman Gono, the head of ZSSK CARGO, said in an interview for RTV today.

ZSSK CARGO is thus discussing the issue of unloading efficiency and plans to implement complete unloading of materials using modern technologies from March. This technology includes specialized tippers, thanks to which it is possible to unload cargo not only faster but also cheaper. Tipper technology thus means efficiency in all aspects for the Čierna nad Tisou site. Currently, ZSSK CARGO utilizes excavators and backhoes for a portion of the unloading.

Roman Gono, manager of the crisis team, is the author of the Recovery Plan, thus making sure ZSSK Cargo follows each step of the Recovery Plan.

It is important for the Slovak carrier that the Recovery Plan as a whole and its individual steps are supported by the power of the Ministry of Transport. State Secretary Jaroslav Kmet reflected on this in an interview for RT:

"You know very well what situation CARGO was in last year. The management that took over, submitted to the Ministry of Transport, or the board of directors submitted the recovery plan and so far we are following all those steps that management has defined. I think the effect will be a healthy company in the black."

the Ministry perceives the positive impact of the deployment of new technologies on the overall competitiveness of Slovakia. Even competing countries such as Hungary and Poland are not sleeping and making investments. From Slovakia's point of view, it is therefore important not to fall asleep and deploy modern technologies such as automated tippers.

ZSSK CARGO is also ready to increase the transport capacity at the intermodal transport station TKD Dobrá. The site has great potential, especially for new types of transport such as container trains. These are currently a worldwide railway trend. At present, however, the full capacity of the site is far from being used. However, the promotion of container trains from China, which have a huge potential, and opportunity for entire Slovakia, is currently a discussed topic.