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TRAKO International Railway Fair 2023: Railway Brilliance Graces Gdańsk Today

TRAKO International Railway Fair 2023: Railway Brilliance Graces Gdańsk Today
photo: RAILTARGET/TRAKO International Railway Fair 2023: Railway Brilliance Graces Gdańsk Today
19 / 09 / 2023

As the rail transport industry sets its sights on Gdańsk, the TRAKO International Railway Fair swings open its doors today at the AMBEREXPO. This much-anticipated event, spanning from the 19th to the 22nd of September, stands as Europe's second-largest gathering of its kind.

A monumental 15th-anniversary edition, TRAKO boasts over 600 exhibitors from across the world. The roster includes eminent National Pavilions from nations such as Austria, Czechia, Finland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

The fair is set to welcome an anticipated 25,000 trade aficionados from over 40 nations. One of the highlights is the outdoor exhibition, predicted to be a record-breaker with 51 exhibitors presenting impressive rolling stock displays. Attendees comprise major railway multinationals, leading Polish rail sector firms, investors, manufacturers, infrastructure managers, and numerous service and solution providers. These participants will dive into the depths of the four major segments: rolling stock, infrastructure, freighting, and metropolitan public transport.

The TRAKO Programme Council has meticulously curated a range of events addressing the rail industry's pressing questions. Nearly 100 debates, seminars, and conferences are on the docket, including pivotal discussions on railways' strategic importance in Europe and the challenges of railway consolidation. Moreover, the 4th Education & Career Day on 22nd September promises a deep dive into career opportunities in the sector, from job offers and internships to engaging workshops. The day's agenda also includes a unique presentation of uniformed fashion, with railway employees modelling formal uniforms from diverse railway companies. Attendees can also embark on the 'Tour Track' for an immersive experience and partake in 'Gamification' to engage with businesses in a fun-filled manner.

As RAILTARGET steps up as a media partner for TRAKO 2023, we, too, brace ourselves to play a pivotal role in this industry milestone as active participants—RAILTARGET is set to curate its exclusive interview studio on-site promising a slew of one-on-one conversations with some of the industry's leading representatives.

Join us, share in our excitement, and rendezvous at TRAKO 2023. We at RAILTARGET look forward to welcoming you!