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The Trains Behind: Trains that are full of love

The Trains Behind: Trains that are full of love
photo: on a train
05 / 11 / 2021

Long train rides, crowded coupés, and unique travel experiences offer a perfect setup for heartwarming stories and romances among passengers that can lead to everlasting love. More than one love story began while traveling on a train. It usually starts with a gentle glance at your fellow passenger that might continue by having a chat and a coffee at the dining car.

Usual travelers might undervalue these romantic interactions, but there is nothing better than spending some quality time with a total stranger.

Surrounding landscapes flickering in train windows, limited space, and questionable food services might support this romantic setting. The fear of the unknown gives us a slight adrenaline rush which makes everything more exciting.

Numerous books and movies took inspiration from these heartwarming stories. One of the most famous movies that make us fall in love with train travel is,, Before Sunrise" starring Ethan Hawk. A romantic story about an American backpacker Jesse who meets an attractive French passenger Céline on the way to Vienna, where an impossibly romantic night of walking, talking and flirting ensues.

Here are some mentionable movies that are perfect for the autumn season and might inspire you to hop on that train next time you are going to have a chance.

Top 4 Movies:

  1. Some Like It Hot - 1959 classic starring the charming Marylin Monroe


2. Strangers on a Train - a movie from 1951 directed by Alfred Hitchcock based on a novel written by Patricia Highsmith that has dark undertones

3. Brief Encounter - Romantic drama released in 1945 about a passionate extramarital affair in England shortly before WWII.



4. Water for Elephants - The 2011 film Water For Elephants might glamorize the age-old thought of running off to join the circus. But in this story, the train opens a new world for the young vet (Robert Pattinson) who falls in love with circus performer Marlena (Reese Witherspoon).Source: (//